"Just Copy It" Made Nike Successful!

Perhaps you've heard of Nike, one of the world's shoe giants? The Nike Cortez, its first line of running shoes, jumped in popularity following being featured in the movie Forrest Gump, a biopic about a friendly, persisting man who at one point wears a pai)

17-09-15 Hot Jobs in HiredChina.com

C++ Software Engineer/ Senior IE Engineer/ Customer Service Manager/ PHD Degree Holder Mgt Trainee/ Business Development Director/ Solution Manager/ Int'l Education Marketing Director/ B2B Sales Specialist/ Project Manager/ Chief Marketing Officer )

Two Classical Hiking Tours in Tibet

When I was in China, I realized how close I was from Tibet. I didn’t have enough time to stay around longer, but it’s still on the bucket list! If you travel to Tibet, you might want to consider taking a tour with Tibet Vista. )