18-09-17 Hot Jobs in www.HiredChina.com

English Game Localization/Customer Service/Design Director/ Sales Asst/ Product Sales Mgr/ Football Coaches/Host & Hostess/Basketball Coach/ Game Designer/Purification Chief Engineer/Purification Designer/ Sales Engineer/ Foreign Concierge/Key A/C Mgr/ St)

18-09-10 Hot Jobs in www.HiredChina.com

Education Director/ Overseas Promotion/ Project Manger/ Product Manager/ PHP Software Engineer/ English Proofreader/ Sales Assistant/ Asst to CEO/ Social Media & Content Mgr/ Korean Game Test Engineer/ Global Business Dev/ Auto Parts Sales/ Sales Admin As)

18-08-30 Hot Jobs in www.HiredChina.com

Sales Consultant/C++Software Engineer/Sr Java Software Engineer/Artificial Intelligence Engineer/GYM Teacher/ PR Commissioner/ Project Manger/ Copywriter/ Intern Doctor/Russian Sales/ Foreign concierge/ Chief Designer/ Design Director/Academic Specialist/)

18-08-21 Hot Jobs in www.HiredChina.com

Asst to GM/ Copyeditor/ Copywriter/ Sales Engineer/ Advertising Mgr/ Basketball Coach/ Sales Engineer/ Business Dev/ Int'l Student Recruiter/ Full Stack Developer/ Vietnamese Editing Work/ Korea Text Editing Work/ CEO Secretary/ English Tutor/ Sr Headhunt)