17-12-15 Hot Jobs in HiredChina.com

Product Manager (Indonesian)/ Project Manager/ Native Copywriter/ Online Shopping Show Host/ English Copywriter/ Product Manager/ R&D Director(Tyre Industry)/ Welding Quality Specialist / NDT Specialist / English Teacher/ Oral English Teacher )

17-12-08 Hot Jobs in HiredChina.com

NDT Specialist / Oral English Teacher / Trainer for English Email Writing/ Senior Travel Planner / Marketing and Growth / English Teacher for business field / Marketing project Manager/ Overseas Sales Manager/ Senior Copywriter/ IOS Developer/ Japanese Ac)

17-12-02 Hot Jobs in HiredChina.com

Operations Director (Russian Speaking)/ R&D Director(Tyre)/ Asst to CEO/ Product Manager (Indonesian) / English-Editor-in-chief/ Industry Researcher/ Analyst / Project Manager/ Overseas Sales Manager/ Digital Marketing Specialist/ English Teacher/ NDT Sp)

17-11-20 Hot Jobs in HiredChina.com

Oversea Trader Commissioner/ Industry Researcher/ Sales Promotion Specialist/ Foreign Home Tutor/ Chinese to English Translator/ Vice Principal in SZ/ Front-end Web Developer/ NDT Specialist / Italian Marketing Specialist/ English Teacher/ Asst to CEO/ Ge)

17-11-13 Hot Jobs in HiredChina.com

Marketing Project Managers/ Travel Visa Specialist/ English Teaching Job/ Program Adviser/ School Rep/ College Admission Counselor/ PR & Communication Manager/ Sales Rep (Japanese)/ Primary School Homeroom Teacher/ English Drama Teacher/ Receptionist..)

17-11-08 Hot Jobs in HiredChina.com

English Teacher/ Marketing Project Managers/ Travel Visa Specialist/ English Teaching Job/ Quality Manager/ Content Officer- Marketing/ Process Manager/ Boxing Coach/ Sr US Academic Instructor/ Tapbao Underwear Model/ College Admission Counselor/ EE Modu)

17-11-03 Hot Jobs in HiredChina.com

Consulting Manager/ Graphic Designer/ Assistant Chairman/ Researcher/ Sr Java Web Developer/ English Teacher/ B2B Sales Specialist/ North American Sales Rep/ Sr Copywriter/ Content Officer/ Marketing Manager/ Sales Executive/ Oral English Teacher/ Teacher)

17-10-21 Hot Jobs in HiredChina.com

Sr Java Web Developer/ English Teacher/ Sr US Academic Instructor/ Specialist in Enzyme Mgt/ Assistant Chairman/ Consulting Manager/ Teacher Sourcing/ BD Manager/ R&D Director/ Researchers in Bio statistics/ Clinical Product Manager/ English Localization )

17-10-17 Hot Jobs in HiredChina.com

Overseas Marketing Director/ Project Manager/ SPA Assistant/ Website SEO Engineer/ Manufacturing Director/ Kindergarten English Teacher/ ESL Teacher/ Filipino Speaking Business Analyst/ R&D Director/ English Marketing Intern/ PR & Comm Manager/ Marketing )

17-10-13 Hot Jobs in HiredChina.com

English Copywriter/ Editor/ Customer Service Manager/ Project Manager/ Training Supervisor/ Champion Boxing Coach/ B2B Sales Specialist/ E/E Module Group Leader/ Taobao Underwear Model/ Online Teacher Trainer/ ESL Teacher/ Sr US Academic Instructor/ Sales)

17-10-07 Hot Jobs in HiredChina.com

B2B Sales Specialist/ Project Manager (Native English)/ Marketing Executive/ Project Manager/ English Teacher/ Content Officer (Marketing)/ ESL Teacher/ Website SEO Engineer/ Marketing Dev Director/ R&D Director/ Swimming Teacher/ Overseas Marketing Direc)

17-09-24 Hot Jobs in HiredChina.com

Marketing Manager / English Teacher/ Sales Executive / College Admission Counselor/ Marketing Manager (Hangzhou)/ Market Development Director/ Pilipino Speaking Business Analyst/ R&D Director / Customer Relationship Manager / Art Teacher/ Online Teacher T)

17-09-23 Hot Jobs in HiredChina.com

Graphic Designer/ Bar Club Receptionist PR/ ESL Teacher / B2B Sales Specialist/ Marketing Executive/ Content Officer- Marketing / Digital Marketing Specialist/ Admin Director/ Web Developer/ Copy Writer/ Game Product Manager/ Solution Manager/ Sr IE Engin)

17-09-15 Hot Jobs in HiredChina.com

C++ Software Engineer/ Senior IE Engineer/ Customer Service Manager/ PHD Degree Holder Mgt Trainee/ Business Development Director/ Solution Manager/ Int'l Education Marketing Director/ B2B Sales Specialist/ Project Manager/ Chief Marketing Officer )

17-09-10 Hot Jobs in China

Int'l Education Marketing Director/Web Developer/Online Marketing Expert/ Copy Writer/Game Product Manager/Creative Copywriter/honeycomb Process Expert/ PHD Degree Holder Mgt Trainee/ Int'l Welding Engineer/C++ Software Engineer/Senior IE Engineer/Senior )

17-09-07 Hot Jobs in HiredChina.com

Sales / Preschool English Teacher/ CS Mgr/ Arabic CS Specialist/ English Copywriter/ System Software Engineer/ Customer Relationship Mgr/ Digital Marketing Specialist/ Vietnamese Speaking Research Asso/ Proofreader/Teaching Trainer/ Int'l Sales Executive/)