18-07-19 Hot Jobs in www.HiredChina.com

Marketing Copywriter/Sr Project Mgr/ Project Mgr/Guest Relations Officer/Foreign Doctor/Social Media Editor/High End Travel Planning Mgr/Foreign Trade Sales/Editor/Mktg Mgr/Amazon Sales/English Teacher/American Football Coach/Hotel Interior Designer/Art D)

18-07-11 Hot Jobs in www.HiredChina.com

Project Mgr/ Eng Teacher/Foreign Trade Sales/Mktg Asst/Global Mktg Mgr/Qty Mgr/Project Architect/Business Dev Rep/Telesales (BD)/Foreign Trade Sales/ Indonesia Translator/Sales/ Copywriter/Purification Engineer/ Marketing VP/ Purification Designer/Mktg Su)

18-07-06 Hot Jobs in www.HiredChina.com

Director /Sr. Director ~Therapeutic Antibody Discover/ Sr Advance Mftg Mgr/ Manager for PR/ Japanese Translator/ Arabic Translator/ French Translator/ Voice Recorder/ Academic Principal/ Marketing Specialist/ Purchase Executive/ Sr Business Consultant/ Pa)

18-06-28 Hot Jobs in www.HiredChina.com

IELTS English Teacher/ Maths or Science Teacher /Customer Engagement Specialist/ Asst to Vice President/ Clinical Sales Specialist/ Computing Programming Teacher/ Content Marketing Specialist / High End Travel Planning Manager/ Internship Marketing & Sale)

18-06-12 Hot Jobs in www.HiredChina.com

Brand Marketing Specialist/ Clinical Research Associate/ Operations Assistant/ Business Assistant/ Temp Receptionist/ Sales Representative/ Purchasing Officer/ Account/ Web Chat Customer Service/ General Manager/Copywriter/ Overseas Business Dev Mgr/ Inv)

18-06-04 Hot Jobs in www.HiredChina.com

Agricultural Technician / Foreign Trade Salesman/ Sales (Part time)/ Accompanying Translation/ Overseas BD Manager/ Strategist/ Football Coach/ Part Time English Online Teacher/ Web Developer/ Copywriter/ Kindergarten Class Head Teacher/ Primary School ES)

18-05-22 Hot Jobs in www.HiredChina.com

Receptionist / Marketing Executive/ Marketing Content Manager / Hardware Test Engineer/ Western Project Manager / Client Executive- Financial Services/ Chairman's Assistant / Asst Sales of Loans / Marketing Salesman / Educational Product Developer)

18-05-16 Hot Jobs in www.HiredChina.com

Educational Product Developer/ Proposal Engineer/ Bilingual Writer/ English Translation/ English Translation Operation Manager/ Interviewer/ Admin Copywriter/ Industrial Designer/ Blog Writer/ Buyer/ The Business Analyst/ Vietnamese Researcher/ Sr Manager)

18-05-09 Hot Jobs in www.HiredChina.com

Game Art Designer/ Online Marketing Specialist/ English Content Writer/ Copywriter/ Program Coordinator/ Entertainment Anchor/ English Teaching/ English Translator/ Marketing Content Writer/ Product Textualize & Description/ Korean Equity Research Associa)

18-05-04 Hot Jobs in www.HiredChina.com

Fashion Design Lecturer/ Online English Teacher/ Asst Vice President/ Master Architect / Ecommerce Operation/ Maritime Operation/ Business Representative/ Physician/ Kindergarten Class Head Teacher/ KA Sales Sr Manager/ Account Manager/ Swimming Coaches &)

18-04-25 Hot Jobs in HiredChina.com

Operations & Promotion Manager (France, Spain, Turkey, Italy), American Sr Asst to Chairman/ Product Designer / User Experience Designer/ Designer (Industrial and Space)/ Wireless / LTE System Engineer/ ESL Teacher/ Sr Recruitment Consultant/Virtual Reali)

18-04-18 Hot Jobs in HiredChina.com

Foreign Doctor/ Subjective Assessment Expert/ Seat Expert/ Clay Modeler/ Digital Modeler / Chairman Assistant/ Business Manager in USA/ Japanese Marketing Supervisor/ Marketing Manager/ ESL Teacher/ Very well paid Shenzhen position / Excellent & well paid)

18-04-13 Hot Jobs in HiredChina.com

Product Engineer/ Mgr/ Int'l Trade Specialist/ Personal Asst/ Electricity Meter Global Sales Mgr/ Business Partner/ Native English Teacher/ product Field Service Engineer/ Physician/ Project Mgr/ Russian Translator/ Mktg Mgr/ Sales & Account Mgr/ KA Sales)

18-04-10 Hot Jobs in HiredChina.com

Java Engineer/ Sr Product Mgr/ Global Product Mktg Mgr/ Business Developer/ Client Executive (Financial Service)/ Digital Mktg Specialist/ Business Developer/ Cirriculum ESL-Expert/ Sr Copywriter/ American Sr Asst to Chairman/ Industry Researcher/ Asst of)

18-04-04 Hot Jobs in HiredChina.com

American Sr Asst to Chairman/ Corporate Trainer/Asst of GM/Business & Translators/ English Teacher/ Business Dev Mgr/Industry Researcher/Sr Copywriter/ Internet Banking Dept Asst/Business Dev Specialist/Digital Marketing Specialist/Video Blogger Inten/ Ci)

18-03-22 Hot Jobs in HiredChina.com

Overseas Operation & Promotion Mgr/ Social Media Operating/ Overseas Design Director/ Sr Product Mgr/ Business Dev Mgr/ Front End Engineer/Java Engineer/Technical Writer/Native Copywriter/ Analyst/Business Developer(B2B)/CEO Asst/Make up Artist/Business )

18-03-15 Hot Jobs in HiredChina.com

Loudspeaker Box Business Dev/ Quality Assurance & Training Engineer/ Consulting Manager/ Maths Teacher/Translator/ Admin Mgr Asst/ Project Mgr/ Gaming Programmer/ Philippines Designer/ English Teacher/ Interior Designer/Int'l Sales Rep/ Designer/ Russian )

18-03-08 Hot Jobs in HiredChina.com

UI/ UM Editor/ UI UM Editor Intern/ Translator / Interior Designer/ Project Manager / Shenzhen GM / Tendering Manager / Executive Assistant/ Investment Banking Dept Asst/ English Teacher/ English Editor in Chief / Overseas Promotion Director/ Vice Princip)