Lhasa is the capital city of Tibet and it’s the biggest and most prosperous city in Tibet. So, if you want to enjoy the local Tibetan food after travelling to Tibet, Lhasa is no doubt your first choice. Then, where to enjoy food in Lhasa? Let me tell you.


There is a food street in Lhasa, which has gathered food from different places and of different styles.


Tibetan roast pork

There are Sichuan dishes, hotpot, all kinds of snacks, western style restaurants and even pubs on the street. This street is called Deji Road. Almost all the travelers traveling to Tibet shall enjoy the delicious food there.


Tibetan beef

If you still prefer western style restaurants, then Beijing Road is the best choice. Almost every hotel restaurant serves western style food. Among them, the western food served in Ba Kuo Xue hotel restaurant is pretty good and worth trying. There’s a strong nostalgic atmosphere in Snowland Restaurant. And before the Snowland Restaurant is Gangji Restaurant. It faces the Jokhang Monastery Square. This restaurant mainly serves Tibetan food and the Yak steak here is rather tough. However, the two-story restaurant has the most spectacular and fantastic view of the street. Sitting inside, with a cup of tea, a bottle of beer, and some Tibetan style dumplings, you’ll feel like to enjoy the scenery outside for half a day


Tibetan noodles and Yak-butter tea

Although some hotels have their own Tibetan style restaurants, but they are not so good as those on the Middle Beijing Road. The “Xue Shen Gong”, in front of the Potala Palace is the best place to enjoy Tibetan food. You can also have a try of the local butter tea and there are many tea stalls on the west of Potala Palace.