China’s speed for modernization knows no limits. On-demand food delivery services have been booming in China over the past few years with the fast-growing express delivery industry and more people embracing mobile phones and mobile payment. Progress in food delivery apps ensures that customers are fed with no restrictions, even if that means having food sent.  DURING your journey on China’s bullet trains. 


Earlier this month, it was announced that food services have expanded, where customers can order food for high-speed rail routes passing through any of 27 major railway stations across China.

Stations included: The service is provided in 27 high-speed railway stations, including Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Xi’an, Shenyang, Changchun, Wuhan, Jinan, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Changsha, Chengdu, Chongqing, Lanzhou and more other stations in provincial capitals. 


Furthermore, train routes starting with the letter “G” or “D” can pre-order food either online or through the official railway app – which can easily be downloaded for both apple and android users. 


Website Address: Please click here

4.png App Download Address: Please Click Here

Passengers on high speed trains just need to order their food two hours in advance on the China.  Railway website or APP and pay an 8 yuan (1.2 USD) delivery free. As the customer orders their food online, the system will show their train and seat number. Once the food has been ordered, the delivery company will deliver food to the right platforms and the food will be handed to the passengers in the comfort of their seats. 

The Method Of Use Is Rather Simple ... 

1.  Order The Food Via Website 

Step 1: Make an account and fill in your details 

If you don't have an account on the official China Railway website, you'll be alerted to create one now. To do so, click ‘Register.' 


Once you have fulfilled your formalities and enter your information, you will need to verify your phone number by sending the text '999' to phone number '12306.'


Wait for a reply containing a six-digit code. Input it into your computer within 10 minutes and click the orange button to continue. 


The verification process looks something like this. Your identity will be checked by staff within 24hours. Once confirmed, you'll be able to buy tickets on

Step 2: Check Out Your Food Options 


First, information on your journey would need to be entered to explore food options. For example,trains traveling from Futian-Changsha South G6014, which would pass through a few participating stations would show the following information of restaurants available:


An example of how the page would look once a restaurant has been selected. This is the window that would expand if the first option KFC is chosen. Users can browse through the many participating restaurants until their choice of meals are made. 1.jpg 2.png


Once the user has committed to their choice of restaurant, they are able to expand the page to show the full menu. Information regarding minimum orders, delivery fees and ordering times are seen when a restaurant is selected.

Options include Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. The app also offers choices of set meals and individual orders.

Step 3: Making A Choice 

Descriptions of food can be read once you trail your mouse over your choice. A minimum order is required to proceed to check out along with a delivery charge. 


Once you've chosen, click the orange '去结算' button in the popup box to check out.

Step 4: Complete Your Payment 

After clicking the orange button, you will be redirected to the next page where you will be expected to fill in your trip details and meal preferences. (As shown below). Payments can easily be completed through wechat or Alipay. 




Step 5: Delivery Confirmation 

Once the payment has been made you will given information regarding your order details and the expected time and place of delivery. “Fapiao” options are available too if receipts need to be billed to your business /factory/ companies. 



2.  Order The Food On The Mobile App


Step 1: Make An  Account 

Download the phone app and open it. After the welcome screen, same measures will apply here as with the website method. An account needs to be made, before train details can be entered and food can be ordered.



Step 2: Enter Your Travel Itinerary 

Once you are signed up for an account, enter your travel information such as your date and time of travel, train number. Once you have done that, information of which stations are participating in food delivery along the course of your journey will be shown. 



Step 3: Select Your Meals: 

Method of choosing food on the mobile app is very similar to the usual mobile 外卖 interface suchas 饿了么 (eleme) and 美团 (Mei Tuan) for example. 



Step 4: Payment 

After browsing and selecting your meals, order information will be displayed from which payments can be made easily through Wechat or Alipay. Once payment is made, a summary regarding your order and delivery information will be displayed. 


I think we can all agree that this is quite a revolutionary concept, changing the face of travel, by introducing choices. Some journeys can take days, and there is no worse way spending a good 6-12hours starving or looking at the person sitting next to you shoveling down something unappetizing.


However, caution must be taken as orders made within 2 hours of arrival will not be accepted, given it takes time for restaurant to prepare the food, and for it to be dispatched. In case trains are suspended or delayed for more than half an hour, orders will be cancelled automatically and travelers will be refunded!

Furthermore, the dreaded worry of food safety can also be put to ease as special packing is used for food ordered on the high speed railway website. The food boxes are sealed tightly where food can-not be leaked or taken out unless if the seal is broken by the recipient.

Food served on board trains has long been a target of public complaint, due to its lack of choice, lack of flavor and high prices. 


A delicious feast for some...err..whilst others may just prefer a burger instead..... 

The topic "packed meals on high-speed trains" even stirred a wide discussion on Weibo. Many com-plaints online targeted the insufficient supply of” low-priced” ready-meals and poor quality of otherfood on board trains.

Even though the CRC later responded to the complaints and vowed to improve the situation, thepublic never ceased with its demands for a more diversified onboard menu. With the newly addedservices, passengers now can order food provided by brands beyond the overpriced CRC menus.

Many fast food chain brands such as KFC, Mc Donalds, Yoshinoya, Dico’s Kung Fu, 72-streets and Yonghe King appeared on the menu of the online ordering application. 


Despite the measures being taken by catering services, the CRC have also promised to supervise the quality and hygiene of the restaurants linked to the high-speed rail services. These precautions will guarantee food safety for passengers and clamp down on potential shady food retailers. The move has been widely welcomed by the public, with many seeing it as an innovative attempt to meet the requirements of passengers. 


They have applauded the attitude of the Chinese railway, saying that by introducing such mechanisms, shaping of food quality and services will help to improve the corporate image of the CRC, put-ting it in a competitive position in comparison to railway services worldwide. 


What is your take on these new facilities provided by the CRC?

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