List of the ten major snacks in Chengdu

1.  钵钵鸡

bō bō jī

Pot chicken


The pot chicken has been spread over the Qing Dynasty for hundreds of years. It is a mixture of pottery bowl with spicy sauce and a mixture of bone seasoned chicken slices.

2.  筷子米线

kuài zi mǐ xiàn 

Chopsticks rice noodles


Using the Secret Laotan craft kimchi, Soaked for 360 days. It makes people feel hot and comfortable. On the one hand, it was hot and spicy, but on the other hand, people could not stop enjoying the food.

3.  肥肠粉

féi cháng fěn 

Fat intestine powder


Fat intestine powder has always been one of the most distinctive snacks in Chengdu. It is spicy, fresh, red and delicious. It can be served as snack or a special meal with its special mixed sausage. Fat intestine powder has the characteristics of "fast food".

4.  夫妻肺片fū qī fèi piàn 

Lung slices


The lungs do not use the real lungs. it's ox hide, ox heart, ox tongue, beef tripe, beef. The lungs are large and thin, and the cakes are tasty, spicy and fragrant, tender and slagging.

5.  广元蒸凉面

guǎng yuán zhēng liáng miàn 

Steamed noodles in Guangyuan


It is a special snack in Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province. It’s raw material is rice, which is similar to Shaanxi Liangpi. It feels slippery, refreshing and pleasant.

6.  火鞭子牛肉

huǒ biān zi niú ròu

Fire whip beef


The fire whip beef originated in the Qing Dynasty. It is famous for its excellent taste, thin piece of paper and crisp fragrance. Firewhip is the lighting torch of the old Zigong area in Sichuan Province. Here, the light of "lamp" is used to indicate the thin and bright beef.

7.  李庄白肉

lǐ zhuāng bái ròu

Li Zhuang white meat


Lizhuang White Meat is a traditional delicacy of Lizhuang. It is made of Changbai Mountain or Yorkshire or Baksha pork with appropriate proportion of thin skin, tender meat, and fat. It has the characteristics of refreshing fragrance, fat but not greasy, chewing chemical residue and so on.

8.  罗江豆鸡

luó jiāng dòu jī 

 Luo Jiang chicken


It is a famous vegetarian dish in Luo Jiang County, Sichuan. Soya bean as the main material, ground into soya bean milk. It is made of oil, wrapped in sesame seeds and steamed. The color is brown, soft and dry, fragrant, fresh and fragrant.

    9.  奶汤面

nǎi tāng miàn 

   Milk soup noodles


The milk noodle soup originated from Qionglai, Sichuan, and was named after its noodle soup was like milk. The shop put pork bones and chicken bones into the pot the night before and boiled them over a slight fire until early morning, when the soup turned white and salty and milky.  Using this kind of milk soup to cook noodles, add chicken shredded pork, pickled vegetables and shredded pork to taste very delicious.

10. 三大炮

sān dà pào 

 Three cannons 


"Three cannons" are extremely famous Sichuan snacks. They are mainly made of glutinous rice. When throwing glutinous rice balls, the three cannons, like projectiles, make a sound of "Dang Dang Dang", so they are called "Three Cannons". Eating with "eagle tea" has a distinctive flavor.

 Where could we find these snacks???


Chengdu's famous snack street -- Jinli Street! Here, you can enjoy many snacks, Sichuan Opera, carp, ponds and so on. Everything is great! What are you waiting for? Come and

have a try!



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