After a long day at work, I headed to a regular Chinese eatery just across the street, ordered from the elongated list of noodles and rice whilst I paid for my meal with my phone. Then I proceeded over to an empty seat at the end of the long lane of other customers digging at what might be an energy saver for what lies ahead of the rest of the day. 



There was really nothing special going on at this random eatery that I chose. Aside from the comfortably reduced temperature of the air condition that definitely served as a relief from this unbearable summer heat and then the smells that definitely came out of the kitchen of business minded cooks, it all seemed normal to me.

But then I cast my eyes around to see something even more peculiar; so peculiar yet very familiar that it is almost so easy to overlook. Almost all of these customers (mostly Chinese) had their phones out and were probably doing one thing or another that was definitely related to watching something interesting like a soap opera or a movie or a music or dance video, or just playing a game whilst eating.


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Watching your phone or having to set your eyes glued on something whilst eating looks like a common practice for the Chinese populace; so normal that others, especially those that were not brought up in this way, would learn to adapt. I think that if anyone ever attempted to take electronics out of the vocabulary of this nation, the Chinese might commit suicide out of boredom. Who cares anyways?  But to watch something, especially even on the phone, whilst eating; is that a good habit?

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Don’t get me wrong, but this is a global trend. Even now that social media seems to run every aspect of our lives to the extent that major politicians are not left out, and children actually develop life skills from the internet more than they do from home, I don’t think this issue is to be restricted to just a country or continent. In fact it is not, but since I live here and am a writer of my experiences, shall we use this setting as a case study then…?


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1.gifWhy This Habit Is Bad ?

On March 29, 2007, four researchers published the second volume of their article on how viewing television (in this context, a video from our phones) is directly correlated with a higher body mass index and why it is unhealthy for those that look forward to losing weight. Watching something will make it difficult to concentrate on how much food you are consuming so then you are more likely to overeat if you focus your attention on a lady’s sexy bum in a music video than to silently munch on a meal whilst deep in your thoughts. Now that means more chances to be overweight or obese.

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Following an action by the University  of Minnesota’s Project EAT, several restaurants within the vicinity were advised about the hazards that large televisions situated at vantage points create.  Experts said that, viewing something, especially in a public diner, was life threatening as it would lead people to make wrong food choices as well as cripple the special socializing activities that occur during meal times.

Again, people that developed the habit of watching something whilst eating have been known to prefer a lower quality diet than those that focus on what they eat. Calcium rich foods, grains, and vegetables, among other nutrients can easily be eliminated from their diets due to their limited attentiveness to what they consume. To them, it is more about satisfying the hunger in their stomachs whilst they watch their favorite protagonist in a movie get killed



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People watch videos on their phones whilst eating for countless reasons. In fact, they do so for the same reasons everyone will affirm to – to relieve boredom or fill up time. Many Chinese netizens admitted that they watched videos that they already planned to watch beforehand whilst they ate. You cant blame anyone for the  arduous work demands that must be juggled with a little slice of visual heaven that makes one forget all woes. There are other times video watching may be typically spontaneous and may be triggered by trending news or stories on topics, brands and/or stars that viewers may be interested in. although, smartphone videos may be popular for their shortness in length, it does not quite carry out short term negative effects when used to eat, and this is why.


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1.gifWhy Is The Awareness Of This So Important?

Technology may have come to stay with us for as long as it is welcome. The good sides to it are outrageously many, however, when human resource was laid off and poverty struck man so hard due to the replacement of machines and robbers took theft to a higher level by hacking into the hard earned money of the common tax payer, it didn’t turn out to be much fun then. So it is here, that people must be aware of the fact that the good old socializing, of getting to know others, making valuable friends that can help us through a lifetime, enjoying the nature all around us that we take take for granted and possessing appropriate courtesy are all beginning to erode because we decided to choose our personal pleasure over the beauty of humanity that lies all around us.



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So to all the diehard fans of watching a video or whatever you watch when you eat, there goes your soul mate, walking out the door whilst you remain single, kissing your phone with your eyes. Oh! And you look a bit heavier than before, am I wrong?