What is a midnight diner like in your country? In China, people tend to eat late-night snacks at outdoor food stands, choosing noodles, kebabs and grilled seafood.


So, where are these Guangzhou-style midnight diners? Read on.

Baoye Lu


Located in the downtown area of Haizhu district, Baoye Lu doesn't have much traffic, but it has many restaurants with different styles of Chinese cuisine, attracting hundreds of foodies every night. Grilled oysters and Chaozhou-style seafood congee are the most popular choices. In the open-air restaurants, people can sing, yell or talk loudly; no one cares. That's the leisurely lifestyle of Guangzhou. Street performers can also be seen singing or dancing here. The later it is in the night, the more crowded it becomes. 

How to get there: Bus No. 220, No. 226, No. 489, No. 811

Shamian Island


Shamian Island boasts a vast array of foreign buildings left over from China's colonial period, which makes Shamian a main attraction for tourists. Bars, cafes, Cantonese restaurants, Western-style restaurants and places offering all kinds of delicacies are among the main attractions in Shamian. You can enjoy coffee any time of the day. You also can enjoy authentic Chinese food or European food without paying premium prices. 

How to get there: Exit D at Huangsha Station, Metro Line 1 & 6

Xingsheng Lu


Nights at Xingsheng Lu are a mystery as the restaurants and bars here always run until the early hours of the morning. Some even remain open 24 hours a day. Known as the "sleepless street" in Guangzhou, Xingsheng Lu is a paradise for delicacies. Even though the street is only 400 meters long, it has scores of bars and restaurants of different styles, such as an authentic Irish pub, Turkish hookah cafes and Russian eateries. 

How to get there: Exit C at Liede Station, Metro Line 5

Zhujiang Party Pier Beer Culture and Art Zone


Blending the charm of the Pearl River with modern architecture, the Zhujiang Party Pier Beer Culture and Art Zone stands along the river overlooking the sparkling Haixinsha Asian Games Park and Zhujiang New Town across the river. Occupying 20,000 square meters and 800 meters of shoreline, this hip hotspot is for partying and painting, food and fun. Here you can relax with your friends, lean against the railings by the river, drink bottles of beer and chat long into the night. 

How to get there: Take Metro Line 8 to Chigang Station, and then take Bus No. 779 at Exit C1 to Yuejianglu Station.

Jianshe Liumalu


Located in the center of the Huanshi Donglu area, which is one of the primary hubs for foreigners living in Guangzhou, Jianshe Liumalu offers food from all over the world. Japanese, Korean, Southeast Asian and French food are among the cuisines that can be found along this street.

How to get there: Exit B at Taojin Station, Metro Line 5