When it comes to living in China, there are 3 stages of existence: Curiosity, Repulsion, Immersion (or Departure).


When you first arrive, there is the initial curiosity as you explore a new country and culture. However, what you discover may both horrify and shock you. The strong-willed will stick it out and dive in head first, while many others will get on the first plane out of town. If you are the first kind of person, we'll see you at the finish line! Here are some tips on how to get there and make the most of your life in China.

1、 Eat Like A Local

One of the best things about living in China is the incredible selection of food for cheap prices. Don't miss out just because you're too afraid to try pickled chicken feet or roasted silkworms (a favorite amongst Baopals staff). Just make sure you've got some Pepto Bismol on hand for the inevitable defeat of your digestive system.


Pickled Chicken Feet

2、Embrace The Language And Culture

Knowing some Chinese language basics will make your life a lot easier. Pick up a simple Chinese workbook, or flip through some flashcards in your spare time. Be that laowai that hosts tea ceremonies (minus the scams) and sports a qipao. There's no reason to take yourself too seriously, because nobody else is.


20 Piece Chinese Tea Set

From ¥320.90


Hit the town on a skateboard that can easily be brought onto public transportation, and capture special moments with a pocket sized digital camera. Store your important documents and other essentials in an anti-theft bag that you can keep close.


Sea To Summit Anti-Theft Travel Bag


4、Get Sexy

Many people will use the poor air quality and food selection in China as an excuse not to exercise regularly or eat healthy. But it certainly isn't impossible! Try at home workouts and make your own healthy food at home for cheap.


ON Whey Protein


5、Be Prepared For Anything

Expect the unexpected in China, and handle any mishaps quickly with a good first aid kit. Be sure to use antibacterial wet wipes vigorously, and it's never a bad idea to have a bottle opener on hand in case you're in need of a street beer.


Dettol Antibacterial Wet Wipes * 3


6、But Don't Completely Assimilate

It might seem nearly impossible or difficult to get foreign foods in China, but we've got some good news. Find imported meats and cheeses, candy and snacks, and our personal favorite...alcohol.


Post Great Grains Cereal


7、Get WeChat Wallet

As an expat in China, there’s no easier way to transfer money to friends, pay the bill at a restaurant or shop than to use WeChat Wallet. If you haven’t set up your own WeChat Wallet yet, check out our guide below.


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