Qu Sinian, an 8-year-old from Guizhou Province’s capital Guiyang in southwest China, has been forced to do his homework on an overpass every day because his home has very poor lighting.


Photo credit: Apple Daily

Qu, a second grade student, is always accompanied by his ill mother, Li Gaoju, after school on the overpass right beside their home as he does his homework while cars honk and drive past them, as seen on Chinese video sharing platform Pear Video.


Photo credit: Apple Daily

The boy does his homework on the overpass for about four hours every day or until nightfall, according to the Daily Mail. He and his mother will then go back home to their small 8-square-meter (26-square-foot) rented room next to the 164-foot-high flyover.

“Our room has poor lighting. It’s too dark. Our family is too poor. (He) has to come here to do homework, there is no other way,” the boy’s mother told the reporter in the video while weeping.

Qu’s father was a migrant worker who moved from his hometown in Sichuan Province to Guiyang to work. However, the father became disabled after falling from heights while working eight years ago.

The boy’s mother, meanwhile, has a heart condition that makes her unable to work. His father is the sole breadwinner of the family, now working as a motorcycle driver.

He earns around 1,000 yuan ($153) per month. Nearly half of the money goes to room rent which costs 400 yuan ($61), and about 100 yuan ($15) on coal for cooking and to keep warm on cold nights.

Qu is a top straight-A student in his school. He dreams of becoming a doctor when he grows up so that he could earn good money and treat his mom and dad at the same time, he explained to the reporter.

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