A crane operator from eastern China has been labelled a hero after using his vehicle to rescue four people from a bus that had skidded off the road and into a river, according to local media reports.


Photo credit: weibo/ pear video

The incident happened on Wednesday in Changzhou, Jiangsu province, after the bus collided head on with a sports utility vehicle, Modern Express reported.

The crash sent the bus careering off the road and into the water, where it promptly sank, the report said. 

When the unnamed construction worker saw what had happened, he quickly climbed down from his crane and dashed across a busy road to survey the scene. He then ran back to his vehicle, got inside and drove it over to the river bank. With the jib extended out over the water he winched the four passengers up from the bus and maneuvered them to safety.


Photo credit: weibo/ pear video

By the time firefighters arrived on the scene, all five people – the driver made his own way – were back on dry land, the report said.

The SUV was overturned in the collision, but its driver also managed to escape unhurt.

The construction worker’s heroics came to light only when footage from a surveillance camera showing what he had done appeared on the local news website Vojs.cn.


Photo credit: weibo/ pear video

Internet users were full of praise for the unnamed hero.

“He has the heart of a superman,” a person wrote on social media.

“The figure of him rushing to the river was so cool!” said another.

Source: SCMP

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