Yesterday when I woke up, I looked out my window and saw nothing but blue skies. The sun was shining as if it were just another summer day. But I thought: “Wait… what? Where’s the typhoon?”

Then I took this picture.


But I was too naive.

All of a sudden, it all became quite obvious: this was, as the expression goes, the calm before the storm. m

I’ve heard some people say that the stronger the typhoon, the bluer the sky and the shinier the sun and, well… They were as blue and shiny as they could get!

 Mangkhut(super typhoon)

 See this picutre


Now here’s a side-by-side comparison of three different storms to understand the magnitude of Mangkhut.


The left picture is a capture of Hurricane Florence near the United States which was once categorized at level 4 before being downgraded to category 1 upon landfall. Emergency evacuations had to be called in four U.S. states.

The capture in the middle is Typhoon Jebi, which hit Japan dramatically a few days ago.

And the last picture, as you’ve probably guessed it, is Super Typhoon Mangkhut.  The scale for each of these photos is the same.


How terrible it is? Photos and footage of its wrath in the Philippines from a couple of days ago paint a pretty scary scene.

Typhoon Mangkhut made landfall along the northeastern coast of Luzon island in the Philippines with a peak strength of 17 – the highest – on the centre’s typhoon wind speed scale.

Videos of the devastating typhoon were uploaded on Instagram and spread all over social media.


Tuguegarao City in The Philippines


This morning

Surf Town in the Philippines


People can't stand still on the road


We’re sending prayers and positive thoughts to the people of the Philippinesu1F64F.0.png


Pay Attention

No matter where the landing site of the typhoon is, it will bring severe wind and rain to the whole of Guangdong and South China.

The whirlwind of clouds surrounding the eye of the typhoon will cover a total of nine provinces in China.. This is the equivalent of half the entire surface of the country.


This typhoon is no joke, and citizens of the Guangdong/Hong Kong/Macau regions have already stocked up on food and drinks to prepare for a troubling weekend ahead.


Today, September 16th Guangdong will feel the effects of the typhoon which is expected to be a category 15 (down from 17) with very, very strong winds and heavy downpours.

The eye of the typhoon has already left the Philippines and is en route for us.

The main impact of the typhoon waswill be felt on Sunday and Monday.


VERY important information you need to read:

 1、city parks will be closed 

Once the yellow alert is set up, city parks will be closed.

Please do not enter the park, and pay attention to weather changes and warning signals to ensure personal safety.

 2、 Stay away from the sea 

There will be heavy rain and high waves from today to tomorrow (16-17) Citizens should stay away from the sea, avoid seaside, and any other island tourism activity.

 3、Tickets for more than one train stopped 

Tickets for several trains from Fujian to Guangdong were stopped.

September 16th, 17th, Shenzhen West station to Chengdu- K586 and Chongqing North K836 train stop.

 4、Stick "米" shape tapes for wind protection  

The middle of the glass is more fragile. So interleaving tape on the inside window can increase the firmness of the glass.

This can not only resist the greater wind pressure, but also prevent glass from breaking when splashing people.


This typhoon already came today. 

There is unfortunately nothing we can do about it other than reminding you to please, PLEASE be safe. 


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