German Chancellor Merkel visits iCarbonX, a startup company focusing on combining genomics with other health factors to create a digitalized form of life, in Shenzhen, south China's Guangdong Province, May 25, 2018.


What is iCarbonX?

You may not have heard of iCarbonX, but it could alter our health in the future. The Chinese data company aggregates health information from millions of consumers to develop deep understandings about diseases and their progression. The goal is to provide actionable, personalized insights to slow the development of disease in the body.

Beyond just physiological data, iCarbonX looks at behavioral and psychological patterns as well. It might just be the first huge play for big data in healthcare. The company is working hard to build out its network of partners to construct its “ecosystem of digital life.” This could be the key to better outcomes and treatments in the very near future. 

Merkel showed great interested in intelligent health monitoring system. This seemingly ordinary mirror can not only capture the body's data including height, shoulder circumference and waist, but also monitor body shape over a prolonged time and combine genetic data and motion data to develop personalized sports programs, and act like a virtual fitness trainer.



"We’re combining data from new biological measures with experiential data from millions of people around the world, and using advanced AI to search the data for new signals about health, disease and aging. We are fundamentally transforming the health and wellness of individuals by unlocking the power of deep and dynamic digitization of biology." CEO Jun Wang Said.


This new technology reminds us of Baymax, a lovable character in Disney’s Big Hero 6 movie. Baymax is a healthcare robot, who saves his young partner and combats evil...before eventually becoming a big hero! iCarbonX is like a Baymax in reality: a new technology for human being's healthcare, which can also save people's lives and offer a better way to care for people's health.


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