The “Pearl River Delta National Independent Innovation Model Zone (Guangzhou) Political Policies Opinions" were officially issued by Guangzhou Branch Commission press conference to interpret the policy afterward. The policy intends to encourage overseas venture capital to participate in innovation, investment and achievement transformation activities, build a public service platform for import and export of biological materials, and support foreign students and graduates to innovate and innovate in Guangzhou. It also intends to speed up the national independent zone of innovation demonstration in the Pearl River Delta construction, promote Guangzhou as a leading innovation-driven city, an international innovation factor gathering area, and a national innovation center city with international influence.

Chen Fachuan, Director of the Division of Policy and Regulations of the Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, introduced that "Policy Opinions" have carried out a lot of research during the formulation process.

The "Policy Opinions" centers around encouraging cross-border investment, financing and R&D activities, simplifying the import and export of biomaterials and special materials, introducing and inspiring overseas high-level talents, innovating financial instruments to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, supporting the development of new types of R&D institutions, and creating distinctive value parks.

Chen Chuan introduced that many of these policies are groundbreaking. For example, in the field of financial development driven by science and technology, the “Policy Opinion” encourages cross-border investment, financing, and R&D activities mainly to support overseas venture capital investment in innovation and venture capital investment and transformation activities, and to exert the “double-self” linkage advantage to promote cross-border R&D activities are facilitated. In addition, Guangzhou will also set up a 5 billion-yuan by the municipal government on Guangzhou Industrialization Guidance Fund for Scientific and Technological Achievements to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. 

In the aspect of talent introduction, the "Policy Opinions" proposes to improve more convenient immigration and residence policies to support and encourage foreign students and graduates in innovation and entrepreneurship. Foreign students and citizens of the "double-self" region equally enjoy the city's support policies for science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship in giving high-level talent awards according to salary levels, annual requirements for cumulative working hours at the ear, and the establishment of flexible personnel introduction policies for overseas talents.

With respect to the construction of new research and development institutions, the "Policy Opinions" clarified that state-owned capital and social capital are encouraged to participate in the construction of new research and development institutions. The government also provides taxation reduction policies or financial fund support for new research and development institutions for the import of scientific research instruments and equipment.

In addition, the "Policy Opinion" clarifies that in terms of intellectual property rights, the government will carry out trials of intellectual property operation services by supporting the development of intellectual property rights appraisal, encouraging financial institutions to participate in intellectual property financial services, establishing intellectual property infringement investigation, and responding to the rapid reaction mechanism in all to protect the  intellectual property rights. 

In terms of the innovative environment, we will support the newly-built parks and existing mature parks within the Pearl River Delta National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone (Guangzhou) to improve the operating environment, strengthen infrastructure construction, and enhance operations.