Around lunch time in the middle of the summer in July, temperatures soared and were not left unnoticed.


Photo credit: 国网的山东电力

Mr. Zhou, an employee of the Shangdong electricity company, and his co-worker were going about their business working on electrical components for 10 hours and lay about 2.5 miles of electricity per day, regardless of how high or low temperatures may get.


Photo credit: 人民日报

On July 27th, Yan Lei and his colleagues worked hard to provide electricity to Liangshan County’s first middle school despite temperatures reaching 38℃. Fans were blowing cool air on site but were no match against this burning hot weather.


No matter how hot the days get, their spirits remain strong and committed to getting the job done.


Photo credit: 人民日报

On July 29th, a power distribution company employee in Jiangsu province named Yuyang installed a new cable entry terminal despite temperatures skyrocketing to 40℃ that day.


Photo credit: 人民日报


Photo credit: 人民日报

On July 26th, employees of the power supply company in Hunan Province carried on with their duty to change a cable connector in their drenched outfits.


Photo credit: 人民日报


Photo credit: 人民日报

On July 25th, electrical maintenance workers were spotted checking the safety controls of electric panels, bathing in sweat in the middle of a hot summer day to provide residents in the area with the power they need to carry on with their day-to-day lives. 


Photo credit: 人民日报

Repairing damaged power lines.


Some were working under a sultry underground.


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Some have to maintaining construction operations under the shaft while others have to wear seal protective suits on high-altitude operation duties.


Photo credit: 人民日报

Some workers found the will to walk up a mountain while carrying parts of a tower.


Photo credit: 人民日报

Having to work in such burning hot conditions is no fun for anyone, but these hard-working individuals contribute to the development of society despite the weather under which they operate. 

They suffer through the heat so that we may use our air conditioners to keep ourselves cool and use electricity any way we see fit. So let’s take a moment to pay tribute to those maintenance workers who deserve it most