Living in China with mobile phones for us is really very convenient, you can go out without cash etc. so you mustn’t forget it at home because mobile phones have become a collection of all our functions, but sometimes the network signal can be weak which can be very embarrassing. Recently, a friend of mine participated in a variety of online lottery activities on the Internet, and incredibly every time he was the winner, so I asked him, how do you win every time? He told me that he used 5G network, and I was immediately amazed – when can we have 5G in China? We all know that 5G networks and 5G phones are not out yet.

But tell everyone the good news, 5G network is coming to Shenzhen!

The first trial district is the new district of Ping Shan.

The 5G network should be way faster than 4G, so let me introduce you to it.

How fast is 5G?

5G Download speed is 1.25GB per second

Downloading a movie will be done in a second.

It is 10 times the speed of 4G!

If we use wind to describe it, then

3G speed is the spring breeze

4G speed is a winter gale

5G speed is the summer 10 Typhoon!



What's the benefit of 5G?

5G Network has many benefits

It is dominant in all aspects

You no longer have to worry about being disconnected!


Like what?

Playing VR virtual games to get a more realistic gaming experience.



Another example

Unmanned car technology will be more and more stable and advanced
Soon it will be used in developing drone technology



In 4G network only mobile phones, computers etc. can access it.

But in 5G networks everything can access it at the same time.

Now particularly drones, artificial intelligence and other technologies are based on 5G networks.

Is 5G more expensive?

5G Network traffic fee price

Not higher, only lower!

Documentation requirements issued by the Ministry

Three major operators will gradually reduce the flow fee

Before July 1 this year the traffic roaming fee will be cancelled.

Do you want to change your cell phone to 5G?

Let me tell you the bad news.

The 5G phone hasn't come out yet.

Using a 5G network will require you to switch to a new phone.

Where can I get the 5G mobile phone?

Huawei will launch a smartphone that supports 5G networks in the second half of 2019

The iphone is said to support pre5g technology.

When can 5G be used?

Three major operators will conduct testing in some cities.

China Unicom

7 cities

Shenzhen, Beijing, 

Tianjin Shanghai, 

Hangzhou, Nanjing, Xiong an


6 cities

Shenzhen, Chengdu, 

Xiong an ,Shanghai, Suzhou, Lanzhou


5 Cities

Wuhan, Hangzhou, 

Shanghai, Guangzhou, Suzhou

In addition to these 5 cities, scale trials will also be in Shenzhen, Beijing and 12 other cities. 5G business and application demonstrations will be conducted.

South Korea's SK Telecom, Japan's NTT Docomo, Korea Telecom, China Mobile and US AT&T Mobility ranked the world's most promising operators in 5G services, the Russian satellite news agency reported.

More technology coverage including virtual reality, drones, etc. will be possible in 5G networks, any way we can use 5G to make our life in China more convenient.

5G technology will bring us a rapid experience, there will be more technology and new technologies will be or are changing our lives.

The innovation of automobile science and technology, highly intelligent, let us more convenient to eat, see the exhibition, go to the bar, scenic spot, can take us to wherever we want to go.

Artificial intelligence surmounts the doctor, helps us to carry on the fast and accurate analysis, saves time, helps us to cure the disease.

The AI system is helping the police track down suspects, iris recognition has turned our eyes into our bank cards, and technology warning systems have begun to be used to make people happy to avoid being victimized before a disaster. Technology is quietly changing our life scene and way of life.