You can see Mobikes all over China! These handy rentable bicycles allow users to get from Point A to Point B faster than they would on foot, and without forking out money for a cab. 

It's common to see Chinese folks zipping around on these babies, but not as common to see expats on them. 

Let's change that and help more expats use Mobike! 


1. Download the Mobike App (摩拜单车)


The first step is simply downloading the Mobike app. It's free to download. If your phone is set in any language except Mandarin, then the app will automatically download in English! 

2. Register Yourself


You need to provide your phone number, name, a photo of your passport’s information page and a photo of yourself holding your open passport (or a photocopy). Submit and wait for processing. The confirmation could take anywhere from one hour to a couple of days. When your ID information is accepted, you will receive a notification via text message and the app will allow you to rent bikes.

3. Pay a Deposit 

Mobike requires a fully refundable RMB299 deposit via WeChat or Alipay. After that, renting a bike is only RMB1 per half hour. Remember that taking the bike outside of the city zone results in a 100 RMB per half-hour fee. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the zone (marked by a red line in the app's map) so you don’t cross outside Mobike’s territory and rack up a hefty fine.

4. Locate a nearby bike


Allow Mobike access to your location and find a bike near you. Click on it and select, ‘reserve.’ You then have 15 minutes to find the bike and unlock it.

5. Unlock the bike


Click ‘unlock’ and scan the QR code between the bike’s handlebars. The lock should click open. After that, you are set to ride! 

6. Parking the bike

After riding, return the bike to the sidewalk, or any area that does not obstruct traffic.  Never park the bike inside or underground! Use your common sense. After parking the bike, simply lock it by pulling down the lock on the back of the bike! 

There you have it, folks! 

Easy shmeezy lemon peasy!