The Ministry of Public Security, in conjunction with the Shanghai Municipal Government, announced on January 16 the launching of the "Shanghai Immigration Poly-Initiative." This plan focuses on innovating and deepening the reform of immigration policies in order to attract more high-end foreign talent. 

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Image: Lonely Planet

The Shanghai Municipal Government desires to enhance the development of Shanghai, and China as a whole, through promoting innovation and fostering the development of new technologies. The order to achieve this goal, the government looks to global talent to assist its current public service system. Over the next five years, it hopes to attract a large number of foreign talent with entrepreneurial and scientific abilities. 

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Image: Xinhua

With regards to attracting foreign talent, the government hopes to achieve this through a few new measures. So, if a foreigner desires to start a second business while working in a full-time position, this will now be more legally feasible. Next, the Shanghai government will construct long-term residence and permanent residence facilities in Shanghai for foreign talent.另外, outstanding foreign graduates can obtain a two year residence permit directly after graduation. If they work continuously for three years, and meet certain conditions, they can then apply for permanent residence.  

Source: SAFEA