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Hey! Any plans for the weekend after a long (too short) week 

off from work during Golden Week?

Today we’d like to introduce you to a special girl.

Her name is Paola Antonini, a very popular model from Brazil.

Some of you might know of her already, but her story is so inspiring that it’s definitely worth reading about her again.


She has a beautiful smile and long hair; she’s very good looking and has worked hard to maintain a very nice physique.

So, what’s so special about her?

“There are tons of beautiful girls with great smiles, long hair, and a good physique,” you might say.

While this is true, her case is quite particular.

Scroll to see why.


She has a prosthetic leg and isn’t afraid to show it. 

Despite facing darkness and death at one point in her life, she decided that this wouldn’t be her fate.

She took control of everything that happened next and changed her mindset entirely.

It was the Christmas Eve of 2014.

Paola was only nineteen at that time and had gone on vacation with her boyfriend.

Just as she was about to get into her car, a drunk driver drove straight into her and over her left leg.

Despite the doctor's best efforts, the 19-year-old still wouldn’t be able to keep her left leg and was forced to remove it from below the knee.


Unfortunately, this wasn’t the end.

Her left leg became infected after the operation, and it spread quickly.

The doctor told her: "If you want to live, a second amputation is required."

This meant that Paola would lose her entire left leg. 


It’s obviously hard for anyone to accept losing a part of their body, particularly a leg. 

A lot of burdens and pains - both physical and mental - come with such a tragedy. 

And yet, despite all these unfortunate incidents, the worse came when Paola’s boyfriend ran away and left her behind. 


This was a real blow.

"I try not to look at my leg, I know it's serious. That's what I've been through in my life. The most profound pain. If I can't change this fact, I'd better accept it with optimism.”

Her family couldn't hide their pain for her.


But if there’s anything we know, it’s that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

"Between perpetual unhappiness and gratitude for being alive, I chose the latter."

How do you treat life, and how will life treat you in return?

Paola seems like a different person. 

While comforting the family, she began her long rehabilitation training.



It's a painful process, no doubt about it.

But if you want to live independently for the rest of your life, you have to stick to it, right?

She began to get used to her new leg.


Where there is life, there is movement, and with that in mind, 

Paola continues to work out.





She likes traveling even more than before


She tried skateboarding


Challenge paraglider




Experienced surfing




The most important step to changing your reality is not to escape it, but to accept your limitations and work around them. 

Instead of constantly overthinking her physical disability, she embraces it.

And it’s this positive outlook on life that helped Paola get back on her feet.

She wears her bikini just like she has in the past.

She’s more beautiful than ever.


She put on a beautiful flowery skirt and smiled brighter than anyone else.


The deformity of the limbs cannot prevent the fullness of the spirit.

With optimism, she is still engaged in her favorite modeling career.



Now she’s even more ambitious and eager to help others who have had similar experiences to help them stand up proudly again.


What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

A lot of people who are suffering from diseases get the power of "rebirth" from her.


There are many people who have had a good ride all their lives.

But there are also people who fall in midstream.

We should redouble our efforts to revise our life with abundant vigor and catch up with the good life.


Sometimes going to the edge is not necessarily a bad thing.

It'll help you find yourself again, won't it?

Let's embrace life.

It’s beautiful.

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