With an endless number of websites flogging cheap prom dresses it's no wonder shoppers want to ensure the quality of their goods before clicking buy.


Dedication: The UK shopper wanted 'real photos' of Gidion's selection of formal evening dresses, which are shipped from China, and was stunned when she was sent these instead.Photo credit: dailymail

She was stunned when the male seller, known as Shop739960 Store, gamely modelled the bejewelled backless chiffon frock in five different colours, trying out a variety of different poses for the camera.

The polyester and Spandex number is described as a formal evening dress which 'fits true to size' and comes in 19 different hues, with the seller modelling the pink, purple, orange, yellow and peach.

He became an overnight sensation after the impressed customer posted the pictures online where they racked up more than 500 comments, with fellow Redditors praising his 'dedication' and comparing him to a 'Disney princess'.

One wrote: 'Perhaps it's dedication, or perhaps he likes wearing the dresses (no judgement from me).'



But one customer got more than she bargained for after asking an online seller for 'real' pictures of his cheap frocks - and received an extraordinary selection of photos of him modelling the wares himself.  The unnamed shopper, believed to be from the UK, told how she was browsing Gidion's selection of formal evening dresses, which are shipped from China and cost from just $101 (£75) on AliExpress.  Taking to Reddit, she explained: 'I found a shop that sold prom dresses and wedding dresses so I asked for real photos rather than stock photos and the seller sent me these of him trying them on.'

Another Reddit user commented: 'Hey, 2018. Let a dude wear some dresses. And he's smiling in the orange one, whatever dress makes a dude smile is the dress that looks the best on a dude.'   And one person quipped: 'I don’t think anyone is knocking him for wearing a dress. That being said, I definitely think he is pulling off the pink best with the more dignified and elegant pose.'

Others debated which colour looked best on him, with one Redditor writing: 'the yellow showcases his figure and waist more finely'.  One person wrote: 'I'd go for the peach one. If a seller sent me this, 100 per cent I will buy again [sic.].'   It is not known whether the shopper decided to buy the dress.

Source: dailymail

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