Kindness isn’t something you should ask from others, but rather something you should do for others.

Recently, Hong Kong actor Louis Koo (Gu Tianle 古天乐) went on a hot search, not because of the movie, not because of the scandal, but because he donated money to mainland China to build the 100th Hope Primary School.


It’s not unusual for celebrities to donate money to help build schools. But he could hold on for 10 years, starting in 2009, from the establishment of the first to the 100th hope primary school, probably only him. Many netizens spoke up for him, saying he was "humble and selfless" and that “ a kind person with positive energy is what a real idol should be."


Following such reported news, some “keyboard warriors” took the opportunity to troll Louis Koo by saying he was only doing this for media hype. Because in the photo, on the outer banner on the wall of the campus building, it is written with big words: "No. 100 teaching building of Gu Tianle".

According to online comments, some felt the reason he was doing it to get media attention is that despite keeping a low profile about his donation, the school wrote his name in big letters on their own wall.

I was kind of speechless after I saw what netizens were saying. Individual donation programs are named after the donor's name, which is the charity's rule, not his decision as an individual.


The greatest evil in the world is to condemn kindness.

Those who are overly critical of other people's good intentions not only stare at the stars but also criticize people around them. 


  • After the policeman took the students to the college entrance examination, the policeman was later blamed by the students' parents.

Just a few months ago, on the first day of the national college entrance exam on June 7, Shenzhen was hit by heavy rain. In order to let students get to their exam on time, the policeman rode a motorcycle to escort them. Although the traffic police provided a raincoat, the rain was so heavy that students' clothes were inevitably wet.

However, unexpectedly, the parents of the examinees were furious and called the police number 110 to complain about the escort traffic policeman, only because their kids got wet and supposedly affected their success with the exam. 


Many netizens got angry : 

“This kind of parent is really out of line. The traffic police would have suffered even more if they had missed the exam.” 

“This kind of person, even if can pass into a university, do not know gratitude, is hard to have a big future”

Instead of wasting your efforts submitting a complaint about a man who did his best, despite dangerous weather conditions, to get your own kids to their exam on time, take a moment to think about why your child was late in the first place…

Traffic cops are responsible for maintaining order on the roads and helping cars navigate safely, not to drive late students to their exams.


  • Free steamed buns were required to be given direct cash.

In February this year, the owner of a steamed bread shop in Hangzhou saw many sanitation workers who hadn’t brought their food on cold days. She decided to show some love and decided that as long as the sanitation workers had their work permits, they could eat at her shop for free.

But of course, there are some greedy people among the crowd of workers.

Someone said, "I'll take the card and you register. After registering I don't want steamed bread, you return RMB 2.4 cash to me."

"Sorry, we can only deliver free steamed bread here."


The man said, "Why are you so narrow-minded? I don‘t want steamed bread you also saved energy to do, just give me the money directly, it’s a win-win! Give us something every day that dogs don't like to eat, you are so wicked!”

Still, some people think: “This restaurant owner gives away free steamed bread? There must be a problem!"

Obviously, this free-steamed-bread-giving spree ended rather quickly.


There were news reports that earlier in March, Mr. Chen, a wealthy entrepreneur in Zhanjiang, Guangdong province, wanted to pay tribute to the village where he was born with an investment of RMB 200 million. Thanks to this investment, 258 villas were built for villagers to live in.

But to Mr. Chen's surprise, the number of villas was planned according to the population of villagers. And everyone disagreed with the distribution.

Some villagers proposed that their children would get married, hoping to give them one or two more villas.

There are already some registered permanent residents of the original villagers who’d united to write petitions and claim villas;

Others said they would have to pay compensation in addition to the villa if the villa to be demolished in the future.


The project has been put on hold because of contradictions around how people only want to benefit themselves.

Mr. Chen confesses that he has been feeling reluctant to return to his hometown for two consecutive years.

"As soon as I went back, everyone raised all kinds of questions and demands, so I just stopped going back." "

The ugliness of human nature is that the more you give to someone, the more they feel you owe them. The greedier people are, the more aggressive they get.

Ungrateful people are hateful, but those who kidnap good bystanders are even more terrible.

They are always fingers pointing at others for doing good; Quibbling about other people's charitable deeds, and then complaining about how the rich are, well, too rich to give any of their wealth to help those in need; there are also keyboard warriors like to leave really bad comments on the internet every day, complaining about everything. 


I believe there are still a lot of kind people in this world, and I hope these people can still do whatever they think is worth their time and efforts. 

Don’t let yourself feel afraid of greedy and selfish people; they don't deserve your kindness. 

Instead, dedicate it to those who actually need it.

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