In order to assist expats and foreign students who are determined to work in China, the government has abolished fees initially charged for academic diploma verification services starting July 1st, 2018.

Applicants who have received their diploma as a full-time Ph.D. graduate student, a full-time Master's degree graduate student, a full-time second bachelor's degree student, a full-time undergraduate, or a full-time junior college student may now have their degrees verified either online or with local authorities.


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Verification Content

1. Identify the legality of academic degrees or certificates issued by higher education institutions in China or overseas.

2. Identify the legitimacy of degree certificates issued by universities or other higher education institutions in China or overseas.

3. Provide 'verification certificates' for applicants who passed the verification test.

4. Confirm whether the applicant has studied at the university or institution that issued the diploma.

5. Confirm the time of enrollment and graduation date.

6. Confirm whether the applicant has indeed obtained the degree or academic diploma.

7. Confirm whether the applicant's school is accredited by the government or authoritative evaluation institution.

Certificate or Diploma From Foreign Countries

The accreditation of academic certificates or higher education diplomas (academic degrees) obtained from formal courses in foreign universities or other higher education institutions.


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Application Materials

The applicant should have the following documents ready in order to move forward with the verification process: passport, academic diplomas, and their report card (the original and copy of the official transcript). Master's degree applicants should provide the original and copy of the official file, that includes the date of studies, research field, and other diploma details.

They should also provide the original and the copy of the official certificate issued by the school to prove that the content of the letter involves the date of study, the direction of the research, and the degree granted among other details " The final diploma and other related materials that were obtained before moving abroad should be presented in both their original form and as a photocopy.

Application Method

(1) Foreign applicants may entrust a diploma verification service center to send the above mentioned documents material to the International Cooperation Office of Overseas Ministry Education Center. 

(2) Application documents should be translated by the regular translation agency.

Online Verification:


Diploma Verification Service Center


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