The eCommerce industry has shown some remarkable breakthroughs after the introduction of cutting-edge mobile technologies and mobile apps. Different scales and sectors of companies and new-age marketers are adopting avant-grade e-marketing tools and technologies to improve their productivity and generate more revenues. Marketers are leveraging different genres of social media tools to grow their customer’s reach quickly and efficiently.


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In this race, WeChat has emerged as one of the most persuasive social media marketing tools on the web. It is a powerful mobile messaging app, launched by the Chinese high-tech giant company, known as Tencent. The popularity of WeChat is just remarkable. In a very short time span, it has built more than 541 million users in China itself and is fast becoming one of the most powerful e-marketing tools across the globe too.

The social network of WeChat is incredible for those who want to promote and sell their products and services online. Since it targets a large portion of the population, both the small and large scale businesses are using this platform to boost their sales. To generate the best possible results, you will need to ensure best marketing tactics that can help you convey your business goals easily.

Below are the 10 most convincing tips that will boost your business growth and drive more fans and customers via WeChat. Here we go!

1. Analyze your targeted audience

Since WeChat is used by millions of people, you have to find out for whom you are preparing your marketing strategies. Of course, your product or service is not for everyone, so make sure you analyze your targeted WeChat audience before diving into your social marketing campaign.

Understand what people expect from your brand and how you will provide them the most convincing reason to buy your products or services immediately.


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2. Create quality content

You can’t achieve your social marketing goals if you don’t have quality, engaging and shareable content. Most of the businesses have verified accounts on WeChat that are considered as official. This means your verified/official account represents your business on WeChat. So, make sure you add quality and inviting content in the form of audio messages, images, and videos and test to drive more people towards your business.


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3. Be creative

Creativity is what that helps you stand out from the crowd. No matter what you are selling, just ensure you use creative and innovative ideas to promote your products and services. You can stimulate people to read your content and buy something from you.

It would be great to use engaging videos to showcase the unique features of your products or you can also display the production process of a product to catch their attention. If you are promoting your brand via text, make sure it is valuable and engaging. You can also add funny elements to your promotional content to make it more appealing and effective.

4. Generating revenues via QR codes

To drive more followers and fans, you should embed a QR code linked to your WeChat account. This will help people become a follower of your brand instantly just by scanning the QR code embedded by you.

You can embed QR Codes on your physical products to let people scan it with discounts, promotions, coupon deals, lucky draws, etc. In fact, adding this code on a Weibo page or wall posts can also help you get more visibility among your WeChat users.

5. Generate Loyalty Programs

If you want to convert your followers into members, you will need to generate highly-intensive loyalty programs. Fortunately, WeChat offers you a great opportunity to develop loyalty programs using geo-location services to drive more consumers and offering them discounts and promotions to let them buy your products instantly.  You can market your brand on WeChat by enticing followers and consumers through developing result-oriented loyalty programs such as:  

Sending promotions to your potential followers


Providing a VIP card via the app 

Offering e-coupons that they can exchange in physical stores. These tricks will help you get more customers towards your brand, which in turn take your WeChat marketing efforts to the next level.

6. Give your customers a personalized experience

Since WeChat is a huge online communication tool, you can use it to know how many followers are your regular customers.

This means you can easily track the buying habits and behaviors of your customers and give them personalized content (discounts, coupons, promotions) to encourage them to buy your products and services. It is an effective social media marketing campaign, especially for those who are using WeChat as a marketing platform.

7. Give incentives

Use WeChat to communicate and advertise your brand directly on mobile applications (be it the android, iOS). You can stimulate consumers by showing them advertisement related to discounts, promotions, and prizes to let them follow your WeChat account.

You can also target specific communities and give them enough incentives to follow you on WeChat as well. Give your new followers a discount voucher to let them meet their specific needs with ease.

8. Create a User-friendly WeChat shop

To sell your products and services via WeChat app, you will need to create a super-easy and user-friendly WeChat shop within your app or you can also set up using a third party platform, such as Weidian.

A WeChat shop allows your customers to buy your products and avail your services anytime, anywhere. Plus, it includes a WeChat Wallet to let customers pay for their purchase on the fly. So, make sure you give your customers a simple, easy, and safe experience whenever they visit your WeChat shop.

9. Share encouraging and interactive content

It is impossible to underestimate the power of WeChat marketing strategies in today’s era. Most of the big brands are sharing fun, encouraging and interactive content in the form of audios, videos and images to their followers and customers on WeChat. So, you can also do the same.

Even, you can sponsor a contest for your followers to encourage them to become your fans. This will boost your brand awareness and also grow your customer’s base.

10. Robust customer support

To build strong and trustworthy relationships with your customers, then give them 24*7 hours customer service on WeChat app. As users write their queries, ask questions regarding the products or brand, make sure you give them valuable feedback as soon as possible.  This is a groundbreaking WeChat marketing campaign that will help you grow your business quickly and efficiently.

In a nutshell, WeChat is a great social media platform where businesses can grow their customer’s reach, sell their products and services to a large number of web audiences effectively using the best and smart WeChat marketing tips.

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