Must-know WeChat accounts are done solid, but there are also APPs, websites & Wechat account that stand crucial to living in China. We'll let you in on the top accounts to guarantee life like a local in China.


They aim to provide the best career opportunities for foreign talents around China. From positions catered towards professionals to students only beginning to delve into career development HiredChina carries an extensive job database for all to join.




Language services are available at your fingertips through crowdsourcing. Varying from translating, voice over, interpretations, and tutoring, it is all there. You can submit your resume to get connected to a job or post a vacancy to find a right fit for the spot!




AskCucu provides verified home listings available for rent all scattered throughout Shanghai. All the available listings online have been confirmed and verified to be exactly as they are portrayed online so you can be rest assured that you are receiving what you're paying for.




TechNode tells of China’s tech and startup ecosystems and has come to be one of the leading international technology media platforms in China. Apart from providing information, it has grown to organize events and has become an irreplaceable part of the tech industry in China.




For any purchases needed, Baopals is there to provide. It’s all of Taobao and Tmall combined together in one for the greater expat community with over 800 million products as your disposal.



247Tickets where you can purchase tickets for music, art, movies, theatre, sport, comedy, tours, classes, experiences and more in Shanghai, Beijing and around China.



We would also like to add a section introducing a few of the most famous Chinese APPs and websites as well. Many services are provided in English, but there is still a good portion where Chinese apps reign superior to the English counterpart and although language can be an issue,  there are sufficient icons and pictures to smoothen the usage if necessary.  

Taobao and Tmall

The two most popular and widely used shopping platform in and across China. Whatever it is you're needing to purchase, it is guaranteed to be found on these two platforms. They're both available online or more conveniently available as an APP.


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Website for Taobao:

Website for Tmall

Quickly accessible food delivery services in over 260 cities, with almost 40 million users placing multiple orders daily. It has become one of the largest food delivery platforms and offers a distinguishable variety of foods.


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Recommendations and reviews for the best restaurants, shops, bars, and places of any sort is found here. The reviews are from real-time, real-life people making it a trustworthy source. If you don't know where to go or what to do, DianPing will not fail your search for adventure.


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You can easily order taxis through DiDi with real-time location tracking available. They have also recently integrated an English user interface making it much more accessible for foreigners. You can request taxi service anytime and anywhere!


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A safe and easy method to make payment while living in China. You never have to carry around cash again, all you have to do is connect this application to your card or bank account and this simplifies your payments! Online payments, in-store payments can all be successfully completed with Alipay.


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Walking around China, you have probably seen streets strewn with bicycles of every color from yellow, red, green, and blue. From those, a popular choice is Mobike. Customer hotline


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Sadly, for many accustomed to using Google Maps, that is not an available option in China. The alternative option is Baidu Maps, one of the most widely used APP for all your directional needs. It not only provides directions, but nearby restaurants and happenings in your vicinity are also available. 


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Did you know that the subway offers free and stable wifi connection? The only requirement to access it is to download this APP. This ensures a secure connection and once connected you're given free access to quick wifi. You can watch videos, listen to music, and read books during your subway ride.


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There may be many difficulties for expats in China, but there is one app that makes your lives easier - WeChat. We would like to recommend some expats must follow accounts for you. 

Just scan the QR Code to open another door to the world of information and fun.


AnyHelper is a Free real-time Q&A system in WeChat to help expats connect with local services, info, apartments and jobs. You are always free to ask questions to them.


WeChat ID: anyhelper


Traveling made easy with over 1.3 flight routes searched and 800,000 hotels made available with incredible savings. Award-winning customer service takes away the extra hassle when traveling and secure payment methods ensure that your information stays safe.


WeChat ID: CtripEnglish

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