1. Bottoms Up Beer System


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Bottoms Up is the revolutionary new way to serve beer. The Bottoms Up system saves time, eliminates waste and awes customers!

It pours the perfect pint from the bottom of the glass. When a cup is placed on a dispenser, a magnet lifts to let the beer flow in. When the cup is lifted and removed from the dispenser, the magnet seals the bottom and the drink is ready to be enjoyed. It can free up bartenders so they can make more drinks when it’s busy.

2. The Hammocraft


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This frame lets you hang your hammock anywhere. You can use it on the water. Snow. On the road.

Inventors Bryan Carpenter and Bland Hoke were inspired by their passion for the outdoors, and decided to come up with a creative way to bring their hammocks everywhere they go.

The frame is easily assembled and attaches to paddle boards, kayaks, and rafts.

3. Piggyback Rider


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For parents, it is a struggle to carry their children all day long, especially when they’re getting bigger and heavier.

Piggyback riders are designed especially for small children and toddlers, to lessen parents’ struggles. It replaces strollers and big backpack carriers that might even make it heavier or cumbersome for you to take your children out. It makes piggybacks more comfortable. It shifts your kid’s weight to your shoulders and core instead of your back.

4. Fruit Mold


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These molds turn regular fruits into fun shapes.

The fruit is placed into the mold when it’s young and undeveloped. It grows naturally into the mold’s shape.

Are Some Molds Dangerous?

Yes, some molds cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. And a few molds, in the right conditions, produce "mycotoxins," poisonous substances that can make you sick.

5.Paperpot Transplanter


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It can transport rows of seedlings in minutes. And can reduce planting time by 88 percent.

The paperpot transplanter allows a single person to transplant 264 plants covering over 85ft in just minutes. What used to take hours, now takes minutes. Allowing you to spend less time transplanting crops, and more time doing other things like farm improvements, marketing, sales, or just taking some time off.

6. Bubloon


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Bubloons are a hybrid between bubbles and balloons. Special machines pump helium gas into the bubble solution. The helium pushes the foam upwards through a stencil. Swipe them free and they’ll soar into the sky.

7. MonPère


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It’s a travel pillow that bends to support your head in any position. It’s lightweight and rolls up easily for travel. Simply bend one end of the product around yourself or the back of your seat and bend the other end into a secure position for your head. You can even use the hand to hold your device for movie time.

8. Pour-Protection by Pet Life


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Umbrellas for dogs are having a moment. They’re cute and funny, but also practical. This umbrella protects your dogs from the sun and rain.

A chain connects the umbrella to a collar or harness.

Source: news.iyuba.com

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