Expats in China may sometimes experience moments when they urgently need to transfer or exchange money. Maybe you need to send money home to help your family member, or maybe your friends or family want to send money to you. 

Sadly, something so seemingly simple often becomes an arduous process, requiring hours at a Chinese bank, filling out paperwork, and being ripped off by the commission and transfer fees. 

Don't you wish there was an easier way to transfer and exchange money? Better yet, what if this way were free? 


USYNO is here to help. This website offers free services, allowing expats to seamlessly exchange and transfer money.

With USNYO.com, you can exchange and transfer money between Alipay, Wechat Pay, Paypal, Zelle, and Venmo. USNYO links you to other users who want to exchange money. The two users then exchange USD and RMB, based on the current exchange rate. 


For example, if you are an American expat looking to exchange RMB to USD, then simply log on to USYNO. Our website will link you to someone looking to exchange USD to RMB. The two users will then exchange based on the current exchange rate. 

This service is free of charge!

Also, there is no risk of default, because all users are screened prior to sending money. Even if the default occurs, USYNO promises to reimburse the full amount! 

So what are you waiting for? Check out USNYO.com today to conveniently transfer and exchange money for free! 

About USYNO.com 

Our company is based in California. We kickstarted in June 2017 at the UC - San Diego campus. In October 2017, we graduated from Starr and were featured as a star project. In November 2017, we joined EvoNexus, the premiere tech startup incubator in Southern California. In February 2018, we joined Mucker Lab, one of the top startup incubators in the United States. Our company looks forward to growing and serving your money transfer needs in the future! 

Don't forget to check us out at USNYO.com and try our services for free! Scan the QR code below! (It’s better with a VPN)


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