Since May 1, 2018, the Municipal Bureau of Foreign Affairs has moved the "Aliens Work License Business" of Liwan, Baiyun, Zengcheng and Conghua areas to be governed under the service center for the overseas students in Guangzhou. The "Aliens Work Permit Services" of the Huangpu (Guangzhou Development Zone) District to be provided by the Human Resources and Social Insurance department of the Huangpu District. All other institutional services remain the same.


All related services in the above-mentioned jurisdictions shall go to the relevant admissibility point that handles the respective consulting, acceptance, and foreclosure of "work permits for foreigners coming to China" starting from May 1, 2018. Other units shall handle business in accordance with the original channels. After May 1st, the employers in Huangpu District can handle the “foreigner work permit” services. Services related to foreign work permits are streamlined through the eight points listed below:



A. Optimized Work Processes


1. The high-end foreign talents selected in the domestic-related talents plan can conduct the entire process online. This includes services such as new applications, extensions, and cancellations.


2. Consolidation of applications that require paper documents for foreign high-end talent (A). Employers applying for the “Notice of Foreigner Work Permit” or “Foreigner's Work Permit” are accepted directly after pre-approval online. Applicants no longer need to submit paper materials to the Admissible institution. Upon final approval and acceptance of the Foreigner's Work Permit, a full set of paper acceptance materials will be submitted and verify the relevant originals documents. Once approved, you may receive the permit on-site. With the change, applicants only need to visit the service center once.


3. Postponement applications other than that of the deferral of salary provisions no longer require paper documentation. For Type A talent, these postponement services are accepted directly after online approval. These applicants no longer need to submit a paper copy to the admissible institution. 



4. New entry applications of Type B and C foreigners are now consolidated. After online approval of the “Notice of Foreign Workers Work Permit” application, it will be accepted directly. Employers no longer need to submit paper documents to the admissibility agency. In the subsequent application for the "Foreigner Work Permit", after the online application passes, the applying agency shall submit a complete set of paper copies of the "Notice of Foreigner Work Permit" and "Foreigner Work Permit" for the verification of the original documents. If it meets requirements, you will receive the "Passenger's Work Permit Reception Form for Foreigners in China."


5. Cancel processes related to changes and replacements that require paper copies. Related operations can be done online and employers no longer need to submit paper copies to the corresponding agencies.


6. Consolidate cancellation applications that require paper copies. The cancellation of the "License for the Work of Foreigners" is accepted immediately after online approval. The employers do not need to submit admissible paper materials to the responsible institutions. Upon receiving the “Proof of Cancellation”, employers are required to submit the original copies that have been approved online. If the original “Foreigner Employment Permit” or “Foreign Expert Certificate” is canceled, the application material shall be directly handled by the receiving institution without online approval.


B. Simplify Application Materials

7. Simplify materials required when applying for the renewal of the "Foreign Work Permit". If a foreigner who has obtained a Foreigner Work Permit applies for work in China again, they do not need to submit the highest degree (education) certificate again. If the application position is the same as that of the original work permit, the work qualification certificate doesn’t need to be submitted as well. If a work permit is granted within the validity period or the work permit is canceled and replaced with a residence visa, proof of non-criminal record may be exempted.


C. Reduce the Time Required for Approval


8. Shorten the processing time limit for foreign high-end talents (Class A). The application time for new "Work Permit for Foreigners to Work in China", deferral, supplementation, cancellation, and other related applications have been minimized to five working days. 

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