It's fairly uncommon for the Chinese government to put out an announcement at the door regarding their blacklist of companies and individuals. If it does, that means things have gotten pretty serious. This week, we found the following announcement from the Guangzhou Foreign Experts Bureau.



Image: Document from Guangzhou Foreign Experts Bureau.

Below is what the announcement talks about:

Notification of Violations throughout the Work Permit Application Process

To all employers,

Since our city implemented the new work permit system for foreigners in China in April 2017, the Guangzhou Foreign Experts Bureau has simplified the application materials, optimized the approval process and standardized the application criteria. 

We have also shortened the approval delivery time, set up a "green channel" for high-end talents and provided more convenient measures for employers to hire foreigners to come work in China. This new guidance applies to foreigners seeking employment in China, who can now follow the new standards.

However, it has come to our attention that several companies have attempted to cheat the system when applying for China work visas. Under our supervision, we have identified irregularities in their process of applying for China work permits. The relevant violations are hereby notified as follows:

Submitting fake academic credentials. 

In the case of Guangzhou ××× Trading Co. Ltd., the company submitted a forged academic certificate when applying for a general manager’s work permit.

Anomalies in company address.

While investigating the official company address of Guangzhou ×××  Trading Co. Ltd. with the labor inspection department of the Yuexiu District, we found that the company does not own any actual operating address under its name.

Providing fake business conditions.

After further investigating, we found that Guangzhou ××× Trading Co., Ltd. provided fake employee information.

Counterfeit signatures. 

When handling short-term work permit procedures for foreign models, we found that the staff of Guangzhou ××× Center and Guangzhou ×××  Culture Communication Co. Ltd. forged signatures on the "Application Form for China Work Permit" and "Labor Contract for Model" to impersonate expatriates’ signatures. 

Based on the above-mentioned violations, we have decided to disapprove the administrative license application and cancel the released China work permit accordingly. All the companies and individuals involved in this illegal activity will be blacklisted in the National China Work Permit Management Service System and the National Credit System, according to the laws released by State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs P.R. China, Human Resources Department, Social Security  Department and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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