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Venue: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center | Shenzhen, China 


Debuted in 1999, CHTF (China High-Tech Fair) is renowned as “the No.1 Technology Show in China”, and it is currently the largest and the most influential scientific and technological fair in China.

Up to now, 20 CHTFs have been successfully held in succession. For each CHTF, the total exhibition area exceeded 100,000㎡, nearly 3,000 exhibitors from more than 50 countries and over 500,000 visitors attended.


CHTF integrates transaction of achievements, exhibition of products, high-level forum, merchant attraction of projects and cooperation & exchange and focuses on the advanced technologies and products in such fields as energy conservation, environment protection, new generation of information technologies, biology, manufacture of high-end equipment, new energies, new materials and new energy vehicles etc. It has become an important window for the opening outside in China’s high-tech sectors as well as the promotion of economic and technological exchanges and cooperation between different countries and regions.



► Delegation Pavilion & International Pavilion

Delegation Pavilion is for those participating delegations from the state ministries and commissions, the provinces and municipalities, the universities and colleges all around China.


International Stand Area is set up for delegations from foreign government authorities, foreign chamber of commerce, foreign industrial associations and international organizations. Foreign SMEs in high technology sectors are also welcome to join this zone to explore business opportunities. This area boosts activities involving products and projects introduction, scientific and technological exchange and cooperation, matchmaking service, release of new technology, etc.



► IT of CHTF 

As one of the biggest specialized import and export fairs for information technologies and products in China, it emphatically exhibits new technologies, products and services in the field of new generation of information technologies. 


► CHTF/ Energy Saving, Environmental Protection & New Energy  

As the most attractive specialized show for newly-emerging brands on CHTF, it emphatically exhibits the newest technologies and application products in energy saving , environmental protection and new energy field, including green building, air purification, water purification, waste disposal, eco-friendly material, solar energy, nuclear energy, wind energy, as well as electric vehicles. 



As the hottest China's Dominating Tradeshow of “Electronic Components, Materials & Assembly”, ELEXCON emphatically exhibits one-station component solution, flexible manufacturing system, environment and energy technologies, smart planet, smart home, trans-border combination products, etc. 


► CHTF/ Optoelectronics Display & Touch  

As one of the most well-recognized industry exhibitions for display and touch panel technologies in China, Optoelectronics Display & Touch Expo is the most efficient event to promote technologies and products within the display technology and touch panel industries. 



► China High-Tech Forum 

Being part of the CHTF, the China High-Tech Forum has won the extraordinary reputation by its high-profile speakers as China’s most influential platform in the economic and high-tech domains. Since 1999, a great variety of celebrities have made speeches at this global stages, including 13 Nobel Prize winners, more than 80 ministerial government officials, as well as more than 400 transnational corporation presidents, scientists, and entrepreneurs worldwide. 


The industry’s most relevant issues of the year will be addressed upon a series of theme events, including the typical Capital Market Summit, New- Generation Information Technology Summit, and Innovation & Entrepreneur Summit; as well as the featured Internet + Summit, Internet Finance Summit, and The Belt and Road Initiative & PPP Summit, which will be around the discussion on the industry’s spotlighted topics. 

► Special Events 

During CHTF, an extended service shall be provided for the exchange outside the fair between the participating organs and the high-level personnel in accordance with the individual needs of participating parties. The modes of activities include that various individualized one-to-one and one-to-many modes namely interview, discussion, business match, visit and investigation, banquet, seminar, and promotion etc. (conferences and forums agenda see below)


CHTF is a window into technologies and hi-tech products of China and the world. At every CHTF, Chinese ministries, provinces, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, universities, as well as foreign delegations and renowned enterprises from over 100 countries and regions would attend, bringing with them the latest products and technologies.

On the other hand, CHTF is a channel for advanced international tech and products into the Chinese market. Corporations and institutes include, Microsoft, Intel, Simens, Dupont, Hitachi, Huawei, ZTE, Tencent, BYD, BGI, and other multinationals debuted latest products and technologies at CHTF. 


Part of the Exhibitors

Also, CHTF is a platform for in-depth cooperation and exchanges in international tech and economic affairs. With CHTF becoming more global and its influential, more and more foreign governments, chambers of commerce, industry organizations and other international associations come to CHTF to seek cooperation with Chinese counterparts. 






Tour on 15th Nov: Sign up before 9th Nov
Tour on 17th Nov: Sign up before 13th Nov

Event date: 14th - 18th Nov 2018
Venue: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center
Shenzhen, China 

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Co-hosted by
Ministry of Commerce of P.R. China
Ministry of Science and Technology of P.R. China
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of P.R. China
National Development and Reform Commission of P.R. China
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas of P.R. China
State Intellectual Property Office of P.R. China
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Chinese Academy of Engineering
Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government
Organized by
China Hi-Tech Transfer Center

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