Chinese law requires overseas personnel staying more than 24 hours in China to register for temporary residency, unless they are staying in a hotel. The registration process, although simple, has been annoying for many and failure to do so within 24 hours of your arrival can cause issues. In fact, according to the new website, registering immediately will be a key factor in all future visa applications.

Today, the Shenzhen Management and Service Center for Expats announced some great news! We can now register through the WeChat app in addition to at the nearest police station.


1. Scan the code: 


Click: Start Declaring



2. Fill in the required info.


NOTE: This can only be done using WeChat as the "household info" portion of the application can only be filled in by scanning a QR code that will be placed on the wall of your door. If you cannot find the QR code on your door, or there isn't one there, you will still need to go to police station for registration as before.



According to staff at Shenzhen's Management and Service Center for Expats, you'll also be prompted to upload photos of essential documents such as your passport and housing contract.

After submitting, you should receive an electronic copy of the form on your phone by the following day, the service center staff added.

To check on your registration, return to the page at the beginning of step 3 and select 'query.' Provide your passport number and confirm your phone to receive more details.

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