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Come join self-proclaimed GZ locals~ Ana and Nadia (me!)~ as we check out Guangzhou’s seafood market in Huangsha!


Where is the seafood market? It is located on Guangzhou’s Line 1 Subway stop “Huangsha  (黄沙).” After you arrive, take Exit F, cross the bridge, walk for around 5 minutes past Shamian island and you’ll find the amazing seafood market! 


When we arrived to Huangsha we weren’t sure what to expect and what creatures we would find! We had heard rumors about crocodiles, snakes, eels, everything! As we entered we saw all the animals displayed in small tanks throughout the different shops. There were SO many animals that we had never seen before! We chose a shop that was recommended to us by a friend and picked out our meal for the day! Honestly, i’m not a huge fan of seafood and definitely don’t enjoy watching the live animals being picked but it was an interesting experience that I recommend anyone living in GZ to try at least once!


We ended up buying 1/2 kilo (1斤) each of clams, shrimp and mantis shrimp (“Pipixia” in Chinese which literally means “skin skin shrimp” because of all the layers of skin it has!). The total price was 120rmb and we were able to pay through WeChat- yay!!!


Right across the street was the restaurant where you could go to cook the live seafood you just bought. As we entered we saw a sign which said that there was a 32% discount on meals before 5pm! Double yay!!


Across the street was the restaurant where you could go to cook the live seafood you just bought. As we entered we saw a sign which said that there was a 32% discount on meals before 5pm! Double yay!! 

As we entered the restaurant there was a large sign which wrote the 3 ways you could cook your live seafood.

1. Boiled

2. Steamed

3. Fried



We chose to have the clams fried in a spicy sauce, the shrimp steamed with garlic and the Pipixia fried in salt and pepper!


It took around 25 minutes for them to cook our food. The pipixia arrived first, followed by the clams and last the shrimp. We were so excited to try all the dishes out!!

Spicy Fried Clams

Our Score: 10/10


We started with the spicy fried clams and we were NOT disappointed! If you are someone who likes things HOT then this is the dish for you! It had just the right amount of spiciness and really brought the flavor of the clams out!

Steamed Shrimp with Garlic

Our Score: 8.5/10


Then we moved on to our next dish: the steamed shrimp with garlic. The restaurant prepared it really nicely, cutting open the shrimp and putting A WHOLE LOT OF garlic inside of the shrimp. As an avid garlic-lover myself, I couldn’t wait to tackle this dish! One bite into the garlic shrimp and I could taste the freshness of the steamed shrimp mixed with garlic goodness! Since we had the shrimp steamed it felt a lot lighter and way more refreshing than the clams (even though I loved the clams!). I felt a lot better about eating more than half the plate of these! Haha!

Salt & Pepper fried Pipixia

Our Score: 8/10


At last we started on the Pipixia! In English we called this “Mantis shrimp” probably because it’s a lot wider and bigger than the normal shrimp as well as has layers and layers of skin all around it. I’m not going to lie, eating the mantis shrimp was definitely a bit of hard work compared to what I’m used to! We had to wear gloves because their skin was quite sharp! 


After peeling through layers and layers of skin, we finally found the flesh we could eat! I think the taste of the flesh was a bit plain because all the flavor was on the skin and didn’t really soak through to the flesh as much as I wish it had! Overall it was pretty good, but I definitely preferred the clams or steamed shrimp.


So that was our trip to the Seafood market! It was a great way to explore a different part of Guangzhou! Since I live in Zhujiang new town, I don’t really get to see the “real” part of this amazing city and experience the many different food and cultures. So overall I would definitely recommend you to go check it out at least once!


If you want to get to the seafood market by taxi, 

just show this picture to your driver! 


Have you ever been to Guangzhou’s seafood market!

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