Can foreigners use WeChat payment? And how? The simple answer is: yes. Not with every bank, but it’s possible. Keep reading and stop feeling jealous of your Chinese friends who conveniently order cabs with Didi Dache!


Photo: Walkthechat/Wechat

Where to find WeChat payment?

You can access WeChat payment through the “Me”=>”My Bank Cards” tab of WeChat.

What can I do with WeChat payment?

WeChat payment offers a lot of extremely convenient functions, including for foreigners in China:

Order taxi (Didi dache)

Mobile Top Up (wonderful function, no more need to go online or buy tons of top-up cards)


Money transfer to other WeChat accounts

Go Dutch

Integration with Dianping to buy “groupon-style” meals

Movie ticket booking

Air ticket booking

Financial products


Charity donations

Needless to say integrating your bank card to WeChat can simplify your life quite a bit.

Which banks can I use to register myself on WeChat payment?

Not all banks let foreigners sign-up on WeChat payment. Some of them will require a Chinese ID and you’ll get stuck in the process. Here is data as of today (21st of July 2014) for major Chinese banks:

China Merchants Bank: possible with both debit and credit cards

Agricultural Bank of China: only for credit cards

All Mastercard, Visa and JCB cards


Photo: walkthechat/Wechat

How to register a new card?

When you entered the “My Bank Cards” panel the process is very straightforward: simply select “Cards” on top top-left corner and then “add a card”.


Photo: walkthechat/Wechat

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