After releasing《学校招收和培养国际学生管理规定》- rules on the quality of higher education for foreign students - last April,China also plans to draw up some guidelines ensuring the overall quality of the international students themselves.


Over the past few years, Chinese universities have pushed a broadly defined policy of “internationalization.” While more and more young Chinese people study overseas, colleges back home are trying to lure students from abroad in ever greater numbers. All over the world, countries are beginning to compete for international students, who not only contribute to the diversity of the schools at which they study, but then may also join their host nation’s talent pool after graduating. Recruiting international students has long been seen as a useful way to raise a country’s international profile, and China is hopeful that its efforts in this area will help improve its global image.


But now the government plans to draw up a new set of regulations to raise and ensure the quality of students.

According to someone related (needs a proper source), the Ministry of education will further improve their work related to international students, establishing and perfecting a comprehensive guarantee system for the quality of studying abroad in China, promoting development and improving quality through better management.


The Ministry of Finance has arranged a budget of over 3 billion yuan in 2018 for students who study aboard in China. Most of the funds for foreign students are directly allocated to colleges and universities. They are used for training, management and construction of hardware and software. Only the living expenses are paid to the scholarship students to meet their basic life needs over here. The Chinese government scholarships have strict selection and admission procedures and require an annual review. Students who are disqualified will discontinue or cancel their qualification for the scholarship.


Now the public is asking for stricter selection and admission procedures on enrollment because of the high amount of living expenses and scholarships the oversea students receive. In response, the Ministry of Education had announced there will be some new standards released soon.


Meanwhile, the number of overseas students studying at Chinese universities has swelled. Foreign enrollment in 2016 rose 11.4% to 404,000, according to education ministry figures. This number might yet grow as more non-Chinese universities open joint-venture campuses in China, and as Chinese universities set up satellite campuses abroad.

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