China's recent introduction of a more robust green card and work permit system for foreign workers promises to ease the lives of expats. The goal is to encourage more foreigners to come and work in China.  But the policies and requirements of the China visa application specified in this file may change from the time you view it to the time you actually submit your visa.


Photo:Internet hit the home run of Visa Q&A party held in China. Held in Sister Rainbow restaurant in Nanshan at October 28th, the Visa Q&A party was especially catered for the wonderful expat community in China; and was nothing but grand from beginning to end!

Our one-of-a-kind party aims to address serious issues and questions coming from expats to help them make a smooth transition into life in China. There are often many questions circulating but confusion on how to go about finding the right answers from trusted sources. Here are some of the latest questions that have come our way.

01 Jeff:

Chad said: I’m curious about the green card policy surrounding time limits. Together with visas, can employers take advantage?

Shine Accounting Service Answer:

The applicant applying for permanent residence permit shall fulfill one of the following conditions:

  1. For spouse reunion

    Foreigners, who marry with a Chinese resident more than 5 years, stay in mainland China not less than 9 months each year for recent 5 consecutive years, have a deposit of not less than RMB 200K and officially rent a house or have a property, are eligible to apply for permanent residence permit in China.

  2. High-level foreign experts working in the Guangdong Pilot Free Trade Zone’s (FTZ for short) Qianhai and Shekou Area in Shenzhen are eligible to apply for the permanent residence permit in China with a recommendation from the TRZ’s administration office.

  3. For foreign members of innovation teams, who are settled in the FTZ and foreign technicians who were hired by enterprises in FTZ, if their accumulated point is more than 70 according to the standard of foreign talent evaluation in Guangdong FTZ, it is qualified to apply for permanent residence permit in China.

  4. Foreigners who invest in Guangdong FTZ directly, or through companies of which they are the owners, accumulate US 1 million or above in three years, and have good taxation records, are eligible to apply for permanent residence permit in China.

  5. A foreign national who has worked in Guangdong for four consecutive years, and have lived in China for at least 6 months each year, the annual income is not less than RMB 400K and annual individual income tax is not less than RMB 70K for four consecutive years before the application, can apply for permanent residence permit with the recommendation from the employer.

  6. High-level foreign talents, accredited by the Guangdong talent personnel authority, who are hired by companies approved by the Guangdong science and technology innovation authority or the Guangdong FTZ office, or are employed by universities or scientific research institutions in Guangdong, can apply for 5 years work permits (endorsed talent) without an age limit. Those who are recommended by employers can apply for permanent residence permit after working for 3 years or more.

02  Jeff:

Shahram said: I've been living in GZ for past 21 years, 18 years of which I've worked at Same International school...  I've recently resigned, And have Visa under my wife till june 2018...


In our case what's the requirement procedure so we can stay longer in China? 

HuaYang Answer:

In your case, there are two ways to extend your stay. One is to find a new employer and try to get a category A work permit, then you can stay 2-5 years in China; The other way is trying to apply for permanent residence visa( Green card).

03 Jeff:

What job opportunity should I persue so I can get a Green Card for myself & my wife? 

HuaYang Answer:

There are many requirements, the job is one of them. It requires vice general manager / professor or above position.

04 Jeff:

What are the exact requirements for getting a Green Card, which I guess entitles the owner for five years visa? 

HuaYang Answer:

There are 5 ways to get green card. I am here to introduce permanent residence visa for work. As I said before ,the position requires vice general manager or above. And the work permit should be renewed over 4 years, of course you need to provide  individual income tax certificate; As for your company, it should have HI-tech enterprise qualification or should be foreign-invested enterprise. For more detail,we need collect your information first,we give all solutions based on specific situation.  

05 Jeff:

Can a foreigner of Chinese descent married to a Chinese National obtain a Chinese green card? 

HuaYang Answer:

it depends. You know there are five ways to get the green card in China, and marrying a Chinese person is one of them. But there are other requirements to be met. For example, be married over 5 years, hold a property certificate for over one year, with a deposit certificate of at least 200,000RMB, living in China more than 9 months every year and so on.

06 Jeff:

Can a Mexican person obtain a Z visa in China? Or should he or she apply for the visa in Mexico? 

Hongda Answer:

When you get employment certification ,you can apply the Z visa at the entry port in China. You also can get a Z visa from the Chinese embassy with employment certification . Before you apply Z visa , Hongda will prepare a full set documents for you .

07 Jeff:

Once a foreigner leaves China, will he be able to withdraw both his contributions to the Retirement/Pension fund and medical insurance? 

Shine Accounting Service Answer:

The foreigner is able to withdraw both the Retirement/Pension fund and medical insurance in his/her personal account in social security fund.

08 Jeff:

How long does it take to credit the funds into the applicant’s account? 

Shine Accounting Service answer:

For medical insurance in Shenzhen, the individual should pay 2% and the employer should pay 6.2%. 5% of which shall be accounted into the individual’s personal account.

09 Jeff:

How does the housing fund work for foreigners? Are they able to withdraw their contribution within a certain period? 

Hongda Answer:

After cancelling a work permit , if you've decided to close your social insurance account as well, apply to withdraw the balance from the social insurance bureau in addition to other funds being claimed, not only housing fund .

10 Jeff:

What about contributed paid by employers? 

Shine Accounting Service Answer:

As we confirmed with Shenzhen Social Security Bureau, it will take 1-2 weeks to credit the funds into the applicants account.

11 Jeff:

Tax deduction allowance. In order to deduct expenses such as food or flight tickets, what are the requirements? 

Hongda Answer:

Deduction allowance including housing expense ,education expense ,food and flight ticket ,principle government request Fapiao to proof these expense ,but oversea expense invoice also acceptable .

12 Jeff:

Pervy V said: how to get gov. Recommendation . To get A status?

HuaYang Answer:

It’s hard to say, there are 100+ programs that demand different qualifications, it is not common for most of applicants. Most of the them do not meet the recommendation. Such a Nobel Peace Prize, few people achieve such huge awards, But if you win some prize , let me know and i will check.

13 Jeff:

After you have received your Z visa and residence permit, who should hold your work permit card? My school holds mine they say for sake of security. I have heard other schools do this as well, but yet current policy requires all foreign workers to keep this card on their person. Just curious as to what current policy recommends. 

HuaYang Answer:

The current policy does not recommend that. Both of them can keep it, sometimes the employers will keep it for sake of management, in case you lose it. If you went to keep it with you, it's advised to scan a copy or photo of the original as well as your residence permit.


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