Do you know about these new Wechat features? You Are missing out if you don't! Learn about these new features and upgrade your life.



These days, Wechat is quietly rolling out a lot of new features. Here we've select some relatively practical features recommended to you.

  1. Set reminder for chat messages

  2. Connect to free public Wi-Fi 

  3. Transfer to bank card

  4. Enjoy earnings with balance

  5. Selectively copy a message

1. Set reminder for chat messages

In the new version, this feature 【reminder】 appears when you long press a message in the chat interface. A reminder time from now to nearly one year from now can be set. When the time is up,【service notification】the chat server with send send message as a reminder.

In the future, you won't need to copy over message onto a memo and set an alarm in order to be reminded to follow up or continue an important chat; a handly and practical feature for office workers and others who conduct business through Wechat. 



2. Connect to free public Wi-Fi  

When you are out and about, you no longer need to know the password of a public Wi-Fi spot, need to download a Wi-Fi master key, nor need to verify your phone. A small mini-program within the app helps you find and enjoy free Wi-Fi.


Photo: WeChat

Just type “Wifi Yi Jian Lian” in 【discover】-【Mini program】-【Search Mini program】, or copy over the program code below.

After entering the program and pressing【connect now】, you will be directed to the Wi-Fi setting interface, from which you can connect Wi-Fi marked with【Wechat connected Wi-Fi】directly.

If using Android system, you will also enjoy a perfect user-friendlier experience.

What’s more, you can share the Wi-Fi connected by “Wifi Yi Jian Lian” with friends via Wechat, once shared, your friends can click your link and connect  to Wi-Fi easily.


Photo:Chaping WeChat Account

Please note that not all the public Wi-Fi is free to connect, but you can see what's available around you when you are in need of public Wi-Fi.

3. Enjoy earnings with balance

The long-anticipated “Enjoy earnings with balance” has finally been rolled out.

In 【Wallet】-【balance】, what used to be listed as “Small change management”, now has changed to “Enjoy earnings with balance”.

You can compare “Enjoy earnings with balance” to “Yu'E Bao” of Alipay, which supports transfers in or out at any time, making funds available for purchases, money transfer, and sending red pocket.

Currently, “Enjoy earnings with balance” has higher earnings than “Yu'E Bao”. If you have a balance of 10,000 yuan, you will earn early 1 yuan per day. 

4. Transfer to bank card

The newest version upgrades【transfer to bank card】feature.

Just click【money】in the upper right corner and write down the receiving bank information, then you can transfer money to any bank account.


Of course, there is the same 0.1% bank charge fee as the procedure of 【wallet】- 【balance】-【balance withdrawal】.

The main change is that Wechat can only transfer money to one’s own bank card before, now it can also transfer to someone else's bank card.

5. Selectively copy a message

In the previous version, you could only select the content of a message when you want to copy it, now you can select any part of the content you are looking to use.


Up: the old version       Down: the new version

You'll find it really practical once you've used it once or twice.

Those are the Top Five new Wechat features. We hope you enjoy them and promise to share others as they are introduced to the application.

Source: Chaping WeChat Account