Major Chinese cities may have large expat communities, but this certainly doesn't dating any easier for expat women. 

This isn't the case for every expat woman in China, many whom are already married and joining their husband as he works in China. But for the most part, finding a suitable mate here is not at all as easy nor fun as back home, as the odds are simply against us.


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Everyone that Western men are god-like figures in China, attracting hoards of local women who are drawn to their masculine appearances and dominant personalities in comparison to the average man. Generally speaking, Western men are also more blunt about what they want than the average local men, which seems to appeal to the native women, ensuring that most Western men here are never short on sex.

Unfortunately, the same principle does not apply to Western women when it comes to dating Chinese men. If anything, we're considered too dominant, turning the majority of them off with our independent personalities and strong opinions.

Many Chinese women live at home with their parents until they're married and are quite inhibited about their sexuality, which in comparison makes white girls appear wild and promiscuous. However, that doesn't stop some Chinese men from trying to engage us in brief flings, before cutting things off abruptly when it's time for the relationship to turn serious. 


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One might suppose that the outlook would be more optimistic for Western women pursuing Western men in China, but we also draw a short straw in that dating pool. After foreign men get a taste for the attention they receive from Chinese women, many of them stop pursuing Western women. 

A lot of Western men fall into a frenzy of dating as many Chinese girls as they possibly can. They become spoiled, knowing that there's always a new option waiting for them. 

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New expat women to China - sometimes wrongly and derisively called "fempats" by expat men - quickly understand this phenomenon upon arriving and either have to accept their singleness, grow old waiting for Western men to come to their senses, or if they are lucky, find a good Western or Chinese man to date. 

It would be nice to see the culture gap between Westerners and Chinese eventually narrow in order for foreign women to have a fighting chance at dating Chinese men. In turn, it would also be interesting to watch Western men finally get a reality check and discover that most of them are hardly "God's gift to women" and could never get this much action back in their home countries.

While there are exceptions, dating Chinese men is often a bittersweet experience for Western women. We crave the chance to experience Chinese-style love and romance, but we dread the possibility of being ditched when the prospect of marriage arrives. We're a resilient bunch however, and won't be giving up hope anytime soon, so for all you single Chinese men in China, watch out because here we come!

Source: Global Times