Hi! Today GiC Team want to share a useful phone feature that can save your life. The reason it’s particularly useful is because you can use it when you’re phone’s screen is off.


With this new feature, you can send a distress signal and your real-time location immediately.

I really hope that you think about setting this up on your phone after reading this article.



Step 1: Open Settings - click Emergency SOS


Step 2: Click  "Set up Emergency Contact in Health",  then add contact Medical ID or add directly from your address book.


Auto call means that during the countdown for emergency contact, your phone will emit a piercing alarm. 

If you don't want to disturb others, you can turn off the "auto call".


Step 3:  Once you’ve set it up, click the power button on the right side of your phone five times in case of an emergency or whenever you’re in danger, and it  will automatically call your emergency contact.

Even if a distress call is interrupted, the phone sends your location information to the emergency contact within 10 seconds!




- Open Settings 

- Click accessibility 

- SOS 

- Add emergency contact (up to 4 people)

When you are in danger,  the phone automatically posts a distress message by tapping the power button three times. 


Your phone will automatically send four messages to your emergency contacts with information that includes:  real-time location, 5 seconds of recording, and two pictures using the front and rear cameras.




Steps: Settings- smart and convenient -- motion sense -- black screen gesture -- open black screen gesture -- add a black screen gesture -- select a black screen gesture -- call someone -- set a contact.



There is a smart key with a custom corresponding function. The state of interest can also be enabled; you can buy a flashlight, take photos, and can also set up automatic calls!

Huawei also has an "emergency call” option on the unlock page, which can set help you set up your own medical emergency card and add emergency contacts.

I think many other phone brands have similar functions. 

You can browse the settings and set it up. 

If you're in danger and you can't just pull out your phone and ask for help, then you can (and should!) use this feature to send a text message to your emergency contact, as well as real-time location.

Myself and the entire GiC team really hope that you’ve read this carefully and that more people can read this article to ensure their safety. 

This emergency feature only takes a minute to set up. 

Hopefully, we’ll never be in a situation dangerous enough to make us use it, but remember… 

When you're out and alone, be mindful and aware of your surroundings.

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