Are you still annoyed by looking for the toilet when you are shopping in the mall, walking down the street, or on your way to do business (pun unintended)? 

China is now at your fingertips with a cool app -- "Toilet Sharing (厕所共享)." Registered users choose to share their bathroom and make city-living easier.

A new report shows that Toilet now is on a "Toirevolutiontion". Let's take Jinjiang District, Chengdu, Sichuan as an example, 118 public toilets in the district were all combined into the "APP - public toilets" system of Chengdu city management. The public can check the location of all public toilets and the opening time of public toilets. In addition, in order to facilitate public access to toilets, Jinjiang District has officially opened more than 60 "shared toilets".

What's more, the whole public toilet network of urban China is now put into a Toilet Sharing System. Just turn on your phone's location service, and then it pinpoints every public restroom and toilet at restaurants, shopping malls, KFC, McDonald's and the like in close proximity.

Toilet sharing around the Taoyuan Metro Station on Shenzhen's Nanshan District, more than lavatories are unblocked in the app. 

You could also add your own toilet to the app in order to increase the number of public toilets. What other apps are you looking for in the future?