A new update for WeChat is out now for iOS devices. The iOS 6.6.7 version introduced a major overhaul. Here is what you can expect:

1. Floating windows

2. Recently sent emojis 

3. New message feature

4. Divide subscription accounts and service accounts

5. Top Stories feed can be customized

6. Simpler Moment display

7. WeChat repair tool

1. Floating windows

The first change is meant to correct a functionality issue WeChat has had since its inception. Users found it difficult to finish reading articles from WeChat official accounts since moving to other features, including those within the app, would instantly remove them from the article. In this version, WeChat solves the problem by narrowing the page or article to a floating window. Users can drag the window to minimize it or cancel reading. 


While the article is in the floating window, users can play games, chat and use other functions. Note, at this time, WeChat only allows one floating window at a time, so creating an additional floating window will override and remove the first one.


2. Recently sent emojis 

Emojis will be displayed by order of most recently used, similar to Whatsapp. The left side of the emoji list can show up to 9 most recently sent emojis.


3. New message feature

If you double tap a new message, the new function bar will appear below. Here you can forward the message to someone else, “favorite” it, or set a reminder to read it later.



4. Divide subscription accounts and service accounts

Another change is in the information page of the subscription and official accounts, which is now divided into the basic information area and the content area (or service area). The information page will display the number of original articles and the content area shows 3 messages from the public account. The basic information area allows users to quickly see how many original articles the account has published and how many of their friends are following the same account.

For subscription accounts, the lower half of the page shows the three articles from the account that are most viewed by your friends as well as related mini-programs.


For service accounts, the bottom half of the page shows menu items allowing users to more easily click through and directly access the available services.


5. Top Stories feed can be customized

The search feature inside Top Stories(看一看) has added more Specials. Special columns now include 24-hour news, what friends are looking at, articles from followed official accounts, what people nearby are reading, and more.


The Top Stories feed can also be customized, allowing users to filter out types of content and accounts they don’t like. In the Top Stories feed users can tap the X next to each article then simply click the yellow 不感兴趣 (not interested) button to remove this and similar content from their feed. Users can also select more specific reactions such as “this content is outdated/repeated”, “poor quality content”, or “block this official account”.


6. Simpler Moment display

Moments has received a new simple design for the top cover photo. The top banner with the word Moments and a camera icon will now shrink as the user scrolls down.


7. WeChat repair tool

One more thing, whenever your app is broken or freezes, now you can go to “Help& Feedback” in the setting. Click the wrench icon in the upper-right corner of the page, and you can repair the lost or destroyed data. (Tried it myself, worked perfectly. Got all my chat history back but it took a long time...must depend on how many messages you have!.”



The Android version of the update is still in beta but the leaked images which TechNode published yesterday show similar changes.

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