Guangzhou is known in China as “food paradise”, not only because Cantonese cuisine is famous both throughout China and around the globe, but also that people can try various delicacies from all over China, and indeed the world, in Guangzhou.

However, for many domestic and foreign visitors, it may be hard to locate restaurants offering the best food without a guide map.

Recently, the good food bible, Michelin announced they will publish the first Guangzhou Michelin Guide in the second quarter of 2018. 

Since we still have a long wait for the Michelin Guide, we invited some expats living in Guangzhou to recommend some delicious foods to you, check it out.

A youth football coach from Portugal said he likes eating the frog.

This boy said Dan Dan Noodles is his favourite food.


Spicy dumplings? Hmm... an unusual flavour!


Crawfish, the king of night snack.


What food makes him so happy?


What food makes him want to vomit?


So, in your opinion, which restaurants or dishes are your favorite in Guangzhou: which restaurant could be featured in the Michelin guide? 

Article Source: GDtoday南方英文网

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