Recently, Beijing and Sichuan Province both adjusted the minimum monthly wage required to be paid to workers. The Beijing Labor & Social Security Bureau announced that the minimum wage has been adjusted from 2000 CNY to 2120 CNY per month, with changes effective from this September. Sichuan’s minimum wage has increased about 20% for each category. Until June 29th, 11 provinces in total adjusted the minimum wage.


Here’s some more detailed information.



So here’s the question you might be wondering.

Do foreigners have a minimum wage in China?


Sample of average salaries for first quarter of 2018:


In conclusion, for foreigners to stay in China and get a working visa in the B category, they would need a minimum wage of 63,068 in Beijing and 69,108 in Shanghai. Compare to the locals, it is a really high wage that can help the foreigners to live a good life in big cities.


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