On January 17th from 2pm to 6pm, you can expect some pretty incredible ideas bouncing back and forth in HiredChina’s 2018 Summit.


Expats living in China can help their businesses flourish by increasing their knowledge of local service providers in Shenzhen, allowing them to promote their brand and products better.

The idea is to form a union, where members provide product discounts or resource collaboration for other members. The union will organize regular membership activities every month to strengthen members' mutual understanding and development. Furthermore, this community of entrepreneurs will help promote each others’ businesses – thereby enhancing the values of shared success.

We understand expats have problems such as applying for visas or learning the language. Individuals can post questions they cannot find answers to: Contacting the correct person to expand, finding a perfect price, receiving help from the right organization. HiredChina.com formed this summit in order to help expats and expat owned companies thrive in China. 


Image: GiC Team

For example, if a Mandarin training center wants to join the union, they can promise that all foreigners in the union can experience a month of free lessons!

Members must also donate at least 200 yuan a year to HiredChina as the operating cost of running the union.

Union Benefits:

1. HiredChina offers a 10% discount on GuideinChina WeChat Platform for members of the union.

2. All members of the union will be supported by the venue if the event is held in IESTREET. GuideinChina’s weekly event summary article gives priority to the event held in IESTREET, and a fourth article can be provided by GuideinChina for free

 Let’s take a look at the location where this fantastic event will take place!


Image: GiC Team

Event Agenda:

14:00 Sign in

15:00 Start meeting

Meeting Contents:

1. Introduction of the current data of the sponsor HiredChina and its WeChat Public Account GuideinChina

2. Introduction of IESTREET: operated by Beijing IESTREET investment management co., LTD. and Shekou Merchants, adhering to building "urban assets innovation upgrade operator" business philosophy, collect innovative resources and drive the development of innovation and entrepreneurship in Shenzhen.

3. Introduction of GuideinChina service union

4. Introduction of the monthly membership form of GuideinChina service union

5. Introduction of the monthly foreigner markets GuideinChina service fair. There are foreign service booths and foreign start up business booths.

6. Introduction of monthly foreigner job fair

7. Introduction of headhunting service of HiredChina

16:00 Lead all guests to visit the ITSTREET, and visit the venues for the next events

16:30 Introduction of today's pre-registered guests.

Every guest has 3 minutes of brief introduction (company name, company representatives, their current business situation, their product or service, desired resources, and available resources).

17:30 Lucky draw, photos , and free talk

Prizes for Lucky Draw:    

Shenzhenparty: Provide one free bottom banner

CO-TALK: one set of Class coupons, VIP courses and group courses

Germany Euroeyes Group: Ten  Coupons of  full set of myopia, old flower preoperation free check

Guanyu Apartment: Coupon of 200 yuan, two free rent a month coupon, total six coupons

Bangyi Law Firm: Lawyer's letter: 10 copies ($5,000 per serving), Annual legal adviser 7 coupons: 10 copies (each worth 50,000 yuan) are valid for 1 year

Mandarin House: Coupon of Chinese learning Course

And many more!!