There’s a popular behavior theory in the United States known as "Festinger law”, named after famous American social psychologist Leon Festinger.

10% of life is made up of what happens to you. The other 90% is made up of how you react to what happens to you.

Basically, this means that we spend more time worrying about the consequences of an action than about the action itself.

With that in mind, here are 17 things you should never do to yourself 

if you want to make changes to your life.


Don't tangle with bad people and bad things

Entangling yourself with the wrong person will only drag you into a muddy mire. Don't dwell on bad people and bad things, because your good time is worth wasting on all the good things.


Lifelong learning, don't stop there

Times will not say goodbye to you when they abandon you.

No progress, in fact, is the biggest regression.

You run as fast as you can, not to change the world but not to be abandoned by it.

No progress, in fact, is the biggest regression.

You run as fast as you can, 

not to change the world but not to be abandoned by it.


Be yourself, don't copy others blindly

The beauty of others cannot be imitated, 

so stop trying to imitate it. You have your own unique beauty. 

Everyone is born original, don't let yourself live like a pirate.


Don't lose your sense of youthfulness

Youth has nothing to do with age. 

Some people are old at 30, while others are still young at 80.

Keep that sense of youth within you, do not compromise to life, dare to fight, dare to rush, dare to be the first, if the heart is not old, life will always be green.


Don't exhaust yourself

You can feed your dreams with your tired body. 

You can achieve success with your strong body.


Don't be idle

Don't choose to be at ease in the age of struggle.


Don't be afraid of making mistakes

Making mistakes is not terrible, what is terrible is never making mistakes.

Mistakes are actually learning opportunities, everyone is always in a trial and error period of personal growth. Between shame and courage, know that all mistakes can be fixed. (progress = trial and error + modification + re-execution).


Don't nurture your happiness based on others.

The road of life is always to walk on your own, no one can replace your happiness, no one can pay for your happiness. Self-sufficient happiness is better.


Don't wait for everything to be ready

The time, the place, the people… 

everything is ready to win, but such opportunities are often scarce.

Don't wait to be ready to start something, 

because the vast majority of miracles are man-made at the right place 

at the right time.


Don't ignore subtle touches

Don't neglect every beautiful moment in your life.

You never know which second will be your happiest.


Don't jump to conclusions

Don't jump to conclusions about anyone.

It takes careful studying to distinguish good from evil.


Don't be afraid to get hurt and refuse to start

True strength is not the fear of injury, 

but once the injury can be dealt with accordingly, 

recovery is still very much needed to embrace a new start.


Don’t be quick to judge the bad side of your loved one

Our biggest mistake is to give our worst temper and worst side to the people closest to us, but give patience and tolerance to strangers.


Do not humbly love a person who does not love you back

No matter how much you love someone, 

you can't be too humble to lose yourself. 

The purpose of love is to make you a better person, 

not to make you feel sorry for yourself.


You should never have to explain yourself to 

people who naturally understand you. 

If you do, then they’re not worth your time.


Don't always compare yourself to others

Don't compare your weaknesses with the strengths of others. 

Don't envy what others have and despise what you have. 

Don't get lost in comparisons. 

Don't follow someone else's map to find your way.


Don't brood on the past

The past is like smoke. 

The past can neither be changed nor erased. 

The heart is like a sea, 

put the past in the past to allow for the new beginning to begin.

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