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Yang Chen-Tibetan singing bowls healing music

Xu Chang is the founder of Himalaya Bowl Therapy Inheritor and independent musician, and she is also the founder of Ya Shu Sound Bowl Therapy Studio. 
The Himalaya Bowl Therapy Inheritor was born after 1990s, in a noisy era, and was grown up in an era of rampantly information. For such an experience, she hasn’t forgotten to pursue her own inner Sukhavati. 



Date: Saturday December 23th 2017/12/23 

Time: 7pm 

Booking number: 010-51661201 English, Castellano, Français, 中文 :185 1344 8256 

Address: La Plantation concert hall,Art Base One D area, Shunbai road, Hegezhuang village Chaoyang district ,Beijing.北京朝阳区崔各庄乡何各庄村一号地艺术园D区(璃墟艺术中心)


Ensemble Maurice Ravel Sino-french choir

Beijing’s French-speaking Maurice Ravel choir was created in 2002. 
For 15 years this group of singers has been performing songs from around the world. 
Its repertoire has developed around French songs, 
world music and classical lyric pieces. 
The group has regularly performed live on stage in Beijing and other Chinese cities. 
They also performed on the Great Wall for in 2003 for the year of France in China, 
and for the King of Belgian’s birthday, when he visited Beijing. In 2010, the group gave no less than 7 short performances within 24 hours, inside the Shanghai’s World Fair site. 
Since 2017, the Choirmaster is Ms Liang Runni, a Paris Conservatoire alumni, and currently soloist at the China National Opera. 
She’s supported by Mr Alexandre Heuze, Deputy Choirmaster. 
The 30 or so singers come from around the world, and speak different languages. 
Some have a long-standing singing experience, 
some are novices, 
but all are passionate about singing. 
Beyond singing, the choir provides a meeting between Chinese, French and other cultures. 
It makes use of the universal appeal of music, and its ability to break down walls between human being. 


Date: Sunday December 24th 

Time: 4 pm 

Booking number: 010-51661201 English, Castellano, Français, 中文 :185 1344 8256 

With booking : 180 rmb (Adult) 80 rmb (student/children) 

Without booking : 200 rmb (Adult) 100 rmb (student/children) 

Address: La Plantation concert hall,Art Base One D area, Shunbai road, Hegezhuang village Chaoyang district ,Beijing.璃墟艺术中心

THE BULK HOUSE: Founder of the zero waste movement(talk in Beijing)21st Dec


Date: December 21, 2017 

Time: 7pm 


Website: Please Click Here  

Venue Name: Sanlitun SOHO 

Address: 8 Gongtibeilu 工体北路8号

Arrow Factory Brewing's Tacky Sweater Christmas Party 


Date: December 23, 2017 

Time: 11:30am 


Website:Please Click Here

Venue Name: Arrow Factory Brewing (Liangmahe) 

Address: 1 Xindong Lu (at Liangmahe Nanlu) 朝阳区新东路1号 (亮马河南路) 

Phone: 8532-5335

Christmas Day Brunch at Kerry's Kitchen


Date: December 25, 2017 

Time: 12:00noon 


Venue Name: Kerry's Kitchen - Kerry Hotel, Beijing 

Address: 1/F, Kerry Hotel, 1 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District 朝阳区光华路1号嘉里酒店1层 

Phone: 6561 8833

酒四 Thursday


Date: Every Thursday, from December 14, 2017 until February 22, 2018 

Time: 11am-1am 


Website:Please Click Here  

Venue Name: Slow Boat Sanlitun Brewpub 

Address: 6 Nan Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang 朝阳区南三里屯路6号 

Phone: 6592 5388

Farm to Neighbors' Christmas market 


Date: Sat 16 Dec - Sun 24 Dec (Every weekend) 

Time: 12-3pm 

Event admission: FREE 

Address: 19 Dongfang Dong Lu, Liangmaqiao Chaoyang district 朝阳区东方东路19号官舍

F2N Christmas Market


Date: Every Sunday, Saturday, from December 16, 2017 until December 24, 2017 

Time: 12:00 

Venue Name: The Grand Summit 

Address: 19 Dongfang Dong Lu, Liangmaqiao Chaoyang district 朝阳区东方东路19号官舍 

Phone: 8531 0150

8 Ball Pool Tournament 


Date: Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, from November 18, 2017 until February 24, 2018 

Time: 8:30 pm 

Venue Name: V Sports 

Address: Gongti North Gate East side, Chaoyang朝阳区 工人体育北门内东侧 

Phone: 5293 0333

Sunday, Saturday

Drummer Ronnie Burrage is considered to be a virtuoso, exceptionally skilled and regarded as one of the best in the business at his craft. Having graced the stage with a who’s who of jazz such as Wayne Shorter, Sonny Rollins, Pat Metheny and more, he's also been featured on over 100 recordings. 


Date: Fri 22 Dec - Sat 23 Dec 

Time: 7:30-9:30pm 

Event admission: 320RMB 

Address: 23 Qianmen Dong Dajie Dongcheng district 东城区前门东大街23号

Phone: 65270288