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From Mozart to Broadway: Danielle de Niese and Lucerne Festival Strings 

Danielle de Niese has been hailed as 'opera's coolest soprano' by The New York Times and 'not just a superb performer, but a phenomenal one' by Opera News. A versatile artist, de Niese has gained wide recognition for her superb stagecraft, assured singing and her ability to communicate on every level. She regularly appears on the world’s most prestigious opera and concert stages and is a prolific recording artist, TV personality and philanthropist.


Date: Wed 07 Mar 

Time: 7:30-9:30pm 

Event admission: 100-500RMB 

Open: Theatres open daily. Exhibition area open 9am-5pm, daily. 

Address: 2 Xi Chang'an Jie, Xicheng district 西城区长安街2号

The Fin

Siphoning the chillwave sounds of acts such as Toro y Moi and Washed Out, plus the more pumped up dance-tinged likes of M83 and Phoenix, Japanese four-piece The Fin. (that full stop is their own special little stylistic device) are perhaps not as plugged into the musical landscape of their own country as they are those outside its borders. Still, the band are ruddy great, and their 2016 album Through the Deep is a mesmeric, Europhile’s delight.


Date: Fri 09 Mar 

Time: 9-10:30pm 

Event admission: 180RMB; 150RMB (presale) 

Tickets: Please Click Here

Open: Subject to concert times 

Metro:Metro: Zhangzizhong Lu 

Address: 3-2 Zhangzizhong Lu, Dongcheng district 东城区张自忠路3-2号段祺瑞执政府旧址西院

Let's not talk about sex 

Despite its massive population and ubiquitous 'hair salons,' sex remains a largely taboo subject in China. Even writing about it can prove sensitive for some, with women, in particular, risking a backlash from prudish readers and conservative authorities simply for discussing their sex lives. In this lively panel, we examine why and how writers write about sex and discuss issues surrounding sexuality in China, from harassment to homosexuality, polyamory to prostitution. Moderated by Robert Foyle Hunwick, in conversation with Zhang Lijia, Evangaline Zhang and James Palmer. In association with SupChina.


Date: Sat 10 Mar 

Time: 8pm-9pm 

Event admission: 60RMB 

Venue name: The Bookworm (书虫) 

Open: 9am-1am daily 

Address: 4 Sanlitun Nan Lu, Chaoyang district 朝阳区三里屯南路4号

Armin van Buuren

Easily one of the biggest names in dance music, Dutch trance legend Armin van Buuren's been ranked number one on DJ Mag's Top 100 DJs list a record five times, and is also one of few DJs to be nominated for a Grammy Award (for his single 'This Is What It Feels Like'). He touches down in Beijing this March for an exclusive performance at One Third. Support by Ring.


Date: Sat 10 Mar 

Time: 10pm-late 

Event admission: 380RMB; 280RMB (early bird tickets) 

Venue name: One Third 

Address: 6 Workers’ Stadium West Road, Chaoyang district 朝阳区工体西路6号

Fictionalising China

Three talented Chinese novelists and short story writers will discuss their award-winning works and how they take China as both a setting and a character and position it in their prose.


Date: Sun 11 Mar 

Time: 2pm-3pm 

Event admission: 60RMB 

Venue name: The Bookworm (书虫) 

Open: 9am-1am daily 

Address: 4 Sanlitun Nan Lu, Chaoyang district 朝阳区三里屯南路4号

Kyle Grooms

With a long list of notable accomplishments as an actor, writer and comic, Kyle Grooms has proven to be one of the industry’s must-see comics on the scene. He has a uniqueness all of his own and delivers an honest and intelligent view of the world while giving an intimate look into his life experiences growing up in the American melting pot. Throughout his career, he has appeared in his own hysterical half-hour stand- up special on Comedy Central, while also making multiple appearances on VH1, NBC’s Last Comic Standing, and famed Chappelle’s Show. Among his many accomplishments, his first comedy CD, The Legend of the Jersey Devil, was named one of iTunes’ Top 100 Comedy CDs of 2009.


Date: Sun 11 Mar 

Time: 8-9pm 

Event admission: 180RMB; 150RMB (presale); 100RMB (students) 

Venue name: The Bookworm (书虫) 

Open: 9am-1am daily 

Address: 4 Sanlitun Nan Lu, Chaoyang district 朝阳区三里屯南路4号



Date: Wed 03 Jan - Sat 31 Mar 

Time: 11.30AM-9.00PM 

Event admission: FREE 

Address: 2 Chaoyangmen Bei Dajie Chaoyang 

Event telephone: 86 10 6553 2288 - 2127 


LGBT matters: the silent majority

While the LGBT community in China has gained some ground in recent years, sexual and gender minorities still have extremely low visibility in Chinese society. According to a recent UNDP survey only around 5 percent of them choose to disclose their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression at school, in the workplace, or in the religious communities. More are choosing to come out to their close family members, but still, no more than 15 percent have the courage to do so. And, the survey said, over half of sexual and gender minority people report having been unfairly treated or discriminated. To deflect social pressures, the phenomenon of gay men and lesbians 'dating' and marrying in what’s known as 'lavender' marriages of convenience appears to be becoming more prevalent.


Date: Sun 11 Mar 

Time: 4pm-5pm 

Event admission: 60RMB 

Open: 9am-1am daily 

Address: 4 Sanlitun Nan Lu, Chaoyang district 朝阳区三里屯南路4号


Iconic instrumentalists Mogwai make a very welcome return to China, as New Noise present the internationally-renowned Scottish band in Beijing. They'll be touting new album Every Country's Sun, which the blurb says, 'takes two decades of Mogwai's signature, contrasting sounds – towering intensity, pastoral introspection, synth-rock minimalism, DNA-detonating volume – and distills it, beautifully, into 56 concise minutes of gracious elegance, hymnal trance-rock, and transcendental euphoria'. Sounds pretty damn good to us.


Date: Wed 14 Mar 

Time: 9-10:30pm 

Event admission: 450RMB; 360RMB (presale) 

Open: till late 

Address: 79 Hepingli Xijie, Dongcheng district 东城区和平里西街79号糖果三层

Jazz Crates

Things are getting jazzed up on Tuesday nights. Migas Mercado resident DJ Cad 73 digs deep into his jazz crates for a perfect selection of tunes, including bebop, vocal jazz, soul jazz and more. From 8pm onwards.


Date: Tue 12 Sep 2017 - Tue 03 Sep 2019 (Every Tuesday) 

Time: 8pm-12am 

Event admission: FREE 

Open: 11am-3am daily 

Address: Seventh Floor, China World Mall, 1 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang district 北京市朝阳区建国门外大街1号国贸商城7层100004

Esther Duijn

After the Chinese New Year, Konekt Asia is bringing in its 21st electronic musician: Dutch-born Esther Duijn, a DJ with a reputation as one of the most enthralling selectors around. She's played prestigious events like Freerotation, as well as landed a residency at the mighty Tresor in Berlin. Support from WengWeng, Sohan, Hu Yang and Jackson Lee.


Date: Sat 10 Mar 

Time: 10pm-7am 

Event admission: 80RMB 

Event website: Please Click Here

Open: 9pm-6.30am daily 

Address: 100m north of the Workers' Stadium west gate, (in the basement behind Xuxianlou Restaurant) Chaoyang district 工体西门向北100米(许仙楼餐厅后侧地下) 

Event telephone:186 2825 5597 

Event email: