As an expat in China, what kind of awkward situations have you come across? We’ve spoken to some expats in China to find out what new things they've encountered.


“Many of those who stop me in the street would also request to have their pictures taken with me.”


“A lot of Westerners are incredibly picky eaters. I think I probably lost that pickiness somewhere between the pig brain and the duck's blood soup.”


By the way, I highly recommend both of these dishes. 


“Your boss tells you to eat more, when you already have food in your mouth.”

Explain to your boss that you’ve had enough food, and divert their attention by something about your country’s culture.


“You walk down the street and everyone is staring at you, and your first thought is “Is my skirt tucked into my underwear or something??!” and then you realize “oh, no I’m just a foreigner.”

Chinese people are friendly, they extend a warm welcome to people from all over the world.



“When someone calls you on the phone and starts screaming things at you in Chinese.”

Haha, that kind of situation happens all the time. Just salespeople trying to make some sales.


“Having a straw matt instead of sheets.”


“Rust floating in the bottom of your water boiler.”


“The fact that no one ever knows what to do when they see you on a bus.”

Ignore them, just be yourself.


“When someone wears a horribly misspelled Chinglish shirt and you REALLY want to take a picture.”

Good, take photos next time! A taste of their own medicine


“When you go to an underwear store and none of the bras are even close to your size.”

Asian sizes are totally different from EU sizes, instead you could order online or go to an international brand shop.


“Not opening gifts in front of people.”

Yes, this is a Chinese tradition.


When random people shout “HELLO!” at you.



What awkward situations have you encountered in China? Feel free to let us know below!

When your boss forces baijiu down your throat over dinner and won’t take no for an answer (and you’rehung over for an entire day afterward).


When you can’t seem to figure out what flavor or type of toothpaste, coffee, bread etc. you are buying.


When you accidentally eat a chī là jiāo and your whole mouth goes numb.

I do that once. Sometime 辣椒 “là jiāo” just hide inside dishes, and you cant see it, but when you already ate, it's too late to find it.........


When your roommate forgets to put the lid down on the toilet seat when she takes a shower, and the whole toilet seat is soaking wet

.. and when everything in your bathroom is always soaking wet in general.


Getting offered blood tofu or intestines and watched closely to see if and how much you will eat of it.


When your female boss tries to hold your hand on a daily basis.


Those girls in grocery stores that scream-chant product information at you in Chinese.

Chinese style selling thing.


When you feel like everyone is judging you.

They are curious about different culture and different race, no offensive.


Getting asked to be a “language partner.”

It also a good time for you to pratise Chinese, make friends by the way.


And finally, this: