The age of smart technology has once again taken one step further, as Shenzhen prepares to become an "unmanned" city in multiple areas that will forever change the way people live!


Shenzhen, already known as the hardware and drone capital of the world, is also one of the world’s leading tech hubs.


Let's have a dive into what unmanned plans the city aspires to roll out in the near future.

Driverless Subway System


Shenzhen’s metro line 14 will become the first automatic driverless subway by 2022!

Unmanned Bookstore


Shenzhen’s “Book City” is in the district of Longgang. In the book city, there is a store called "阿布e" bookstore, it is currently the largest unmanned “bookstore" with an area surfaced at 350 ㎡ and can accommodate more intelligent devices which will help provide readers with a truly memorable shopping experience.


Unmanned Store


At 10:10 am on August 8, 2017, the first truly unmanned 24-hour convenience store in Shenzhen - Tianhong "WellGO" opened its doors outside the Tianhong headquarters building in Shenzhen Bay.

It is also the country's first unattended convenience store run by retailers rather than technology.

Driverless Bus

In the future, driverless public transport may be a step ahead of the frenetic pace of driverless cars.


Last year, .Shenzhen launched a trial of their driverless public transport.

Unmanned Parking 

At the end of 2015, the research and development of a robot-powered parking system in Shenzhen was fully completed.


Compared with traditional parking, the laser-guided “Geta” robots from the Yeefung Technology company need just two minutes to park a vehicle, does not need tracks, has 360 degrees mobility and will utilize space better than humans.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle


Shenzhen, the “Capital of Drones”, accounts for 70% of global drone output and 90% of national output.


But Shenzhen isn’t the only city in China “unmanned” plans.

Unmanned Police Station (Wuhan, Hubei province)

The unmanned police station jointly built by Tencent and the Traffic Management Bureau of Wuhan is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Photo credit: 武汉市民之家

It relies on the brush identity information and brushes face "double insurance" access.


For the time being, you can use this unmanned station to apply for a replacement of your ID card, to deal with traffic violations, as well as Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan-related endorsement business.


Plans to roll out these stations nationwide are currently underway.

Unmanned Make-up Shop (Shanghai)


China's first unmanned make-up stationary first opened in Shanghai.

Lipstick, bottom makeup, and other discharge makeup products are all available here, with future plans to expand to the city of Wuhan as well.


There will be no enthusiastic sales person to creep on you and follow you all around the shop. Once you’ve selected the products you’d like to purchase, you can scan their QR code and pay with Alipay.

Unmanned Gas Station (Hangzhou, Zhejiang)


This unmanned, robotics-enabled, QR code-ready convenience store and the petrol station were rolled out by Jack Ma and Alibaba in their hometown of Hangzhou. 


No cashier. No queuing. No getting out of the car. Super efficient!

Unmanned Sanitation Truck


Perfect road cleaning capabilities at low-speed, with capabilities to identify obstacles ahead of time and move accordingly and, obviously, automatically.


Unmanned 4S Shop


Just place an order on your phone, pay with Alipay, and pick up your car at the store.


Unmanned Bank(Shanghai)

China Construction Bank recently opened a branch in Shanghai entirely run by ‘smiling’ robots, with technology that includes facial recognition (FR), artificial intelligent (AI) and virtual reality (VR).



Deposits, withdrawals, credit card payments and other 95% of personal business operations are handled by these intelligent robots.

Unmanned Express Plane

SF Express uses drones for delivery: in the future, the cost may be lower than manual delivery.


Unmanned Editor


It has been reported that Tencent started to write “smart” articles in only one minute using advanced technology...smiley_26.png

New technology brings us surprises and convenience, but it can also make us anxious and threatens lots of jobs.

Online banking replaced cash, and mobile phones replaced home phones.

One can't help but worry that the position of AI (artificial intelligence) will potentially replace many human beings in the future.


Times are changing and technology is developing rapidly.

The only thing you can do to avoid being erased by these new technologies is to not stop learning.


In this day and age, the world still needs highly-skilled and intelligent talent.GIC QR Code.jpegGIC Cooperation Code.jpeg