There is a saying in China, "If you haven’t married a Chinese man by the time you are 35, you should consider marrying a foreigner." This statement is not a joke. It’s not even entirely groundless. Unmarried Chinese women over the age of 28 are considered by their fellow Chinese to be "leftover women," and those who are particularly picky about choosing a spouse are often met with derision.


Not long ago we talked about the difference between Chinese girlfriends and foreign girlfriends. Many readers left their comments about having a Chinese girlfriend and issues that may arise, but from my point of view, real love can overcome every situation.


In this article, we'll be discussing the differences between having a Chinese boyfriend and a foreign boyfriend. So readers, are you enjoying dating Chinese guys?



Let's see how web users' comments about having a Chinese boyfriend.


Aimee's boyfriend

He never lets me pay the bill. Like it is his duty to do this...should I feel moved?



Lilith's boyfriend

Most Chinese boyfriends are generous to their partners and will be willing to spend money on them. And they usually care about the little details and take care of partners well. Meanwhile, they want their partners to be loyal to them and share daily lives. 


Mona's boyfriend

In some cases, they don't like their girlfriends to be too strong or powerful which means they prefer to protect you in daily life. 


Nora's boyfriend

I think most Chinese men will consider marriage quite early on because they like a more steady life. After marriage, they want you to give birth to your first baby, after the first baby, they want the second...


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