China’s infamous Gaokao exams are underway - differing from other countries’ education system, Gaokao may aingle-handedly decide one's future. Nearly 10 million Chinese students have been preparing for this Thursday and Friday since kindergarten.

Gaokao, China's university entrance exam, directly determines which universities students can go to. To some extent, it determines whether they will become blue-collar or white-collar workers later in their lives.

When it comes to high school students daily life, it also very different:


Chinese students wake up at 6.00 a.m. and go to school as they have to do ‘morning reading’. 


Morning exercises - high school students often don't do many activies outside of P.E. class, so morning exercise is the best way for them to keep health. 





The Western education style will focus on students’ personalities, so they can do their favorite sports and activities after class.


There is a saying goes in China "scores decide everything." Parents put pressure on achieving high marks, as high marks mean a bright future.








The punishment can be varied, based on individual teaching styles.



I've heard a lot of saying that Chinese students' math is great, they can calculate in a fast way. I think this saying is not true, we should say Chinese is good at arithmetic because we could calculate in a sec. – these two sentences say the same thing?



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