Zhan, a young Chinese guy who was ‘dating 1088 girls at the same time, has caused a bit of a stir online.



Everything started with Zhan's girlfriend, who found out her far-from-better half had another WeChat account, aside from the one he was using with family and friends. This new WeChat account had 1088 girls who Zhan met on Chinese online dating app, Tantan. 


He had divided these girls into groups according to his current relationship with them(lovers, temporary lovers, backburners), and by location(Beijing, Wuhan, Nanjing).


He had also noted their height and weight,and saved their photos from Tantan. 


Zhan‘s girlfriend decided to post everything online and WeChat to warn other victims.


The internet has offered its own opinions on Zhan’s actions, with social media users having varied views. Some despise his behaviour, whilst some people are actually amazed by the way he managed to do it.






However, according to the source, Zhan mass texted all his friend to “try to explain” everything.


Well, lots of people were shocked by the way it ended but hey, I guess maybe there is something that we don’t know, and maybe that’s just the way life goes.


Have you met anyone like him in your life? How do you protect yourself from a guy/girl like that? What would you do if your friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating on your friend?

 Share your story with us!!

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