My friend got pretty upset recently.

She posted some photos of her anniversary with her boyfriend on WeChat and Instagram the other day. Her boyfriend made her a lovely candlelight dinner on that day and gave her a beautiful bracelet, they had a great time that night. She wanted to share her happiness with the world. Most of her friends were happy for her but there were some toxic comments that soured her mood.

“God that bracelet looks cheap... maybe it’s expensive idk, bet your boyfriend has a bad taste for accessories.”

“Ugh Why didn't he take you to a nice restaurant?”

“Wow congrats! You look great in the photo, but did you photoshop it? You’re not that skinny I can tell.”

“Did you get plastic surgery?!?!”


“Why would they say things like that?!”

“Darling, don’t mind them, they are just typical GangJings”


GangJing is a newChinese network slang. A GangJing is basically a shit starter. Calling someone GangJing means that the person likes to fight over something that it’s completely trivial. They would argue about basically everything with you just because they want to disagree or bicker with others. 

Here are some typical GangJing behaviours.

1. Contradicts everything you say.

Their way of thinking is“no matter what you say, I’m always right.”


2. Different and difficult.

“I’m the only one who knows what’s happening here and the rest of you are silly and wrong.”


3. Poor comprehensionalwaysmisses the point, but still try to be an expert on the subject/saint.


You don't see much GangJing in real life, as they lurk all over the internet. In our earlier article <White Girl Blasted for Wearing a Qipao>, most Chinese social media users have considered Jeremy Lam as a GangJing. We can see a lot of GangJing's comments in the comment section in front page news or even some personal posts. A girl posted a picture of her beautiful breakfast, which was ruined by their comments.


Celebrities have got it much worse when it comes to situations like these. Just two days ago at the Met Gala, Kendall Jenner reminded a security guard by putting her hand on his back. A simple gesture like that caused a fight between fans and GangJings. 



But why would people become GangJings on the internet? What makes them behave like that?


It almost certainly has to do with a yearning for attention. Seems like they believe that being different is always good, by presenting a different point of view makes them feel like they’re the only ones with some common sense around here. GangJings always want to stand out, they hold extreme viewsthey‘reirritable, and the acrimony of their remarks only satisfy themselves.


WeChat 圖片_20180512111817.jpg

GangJing is mean to society out of spite. They have a grudge against the world maybe because of some small things they had encounter in real life that they can’t complain about, so they vent by making mean comments under the blanket known as the internet. Moreover, they are not held personally responsible because of the internet’s anonymity, that’s why a GangJing is presumptuous and obnoxious.


The best way to deal with GangJings, is to ignore them; know that you can’t trust them, and stay away from them.


Do you have any GangJing friends in life? How do you deal with them? Leave your comment and share with us !!


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